2020 Bathroom Trends from Around the World

The bathroom often acts as a sanctuary. Most people recharge in their bathroom through a multitude of self-care rituals. Giving it a facelift, therefore, is something most homeowners consider at some point. So, if you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom in the near future you should take a look at these trends from around the world that will be big next year.

Turning biophilic in Canada


In Canada, biophilic designs have become popular, with establishments like Rosalinda and Planta showing off nature-inspired setups. HGTV expects the trend to extend to a lot of Canadian homes, with more homeowners incorporating biophilic designs into their bathrooms. Plants as bathroom decor bring a sense of calm to the room.

To go fully biophilic you can create a wall full of lush greens coupled with natural material tiles and organically shaped tubs and sinks. You can top off the setup with soothing tones of whites, grays, and greens, plus a big window or a skylight.

Opting for the curves in Australia

curved bathroom with rounded mirror
source mum-onthego.com

Design experts from Vogue’s The Block predict that rounded edges will being popular next year in bathrooms across Australia. The curved edges and organic shapes “radiate a sense of calm.”

This includes rounded basins, circular mirrors, and even curved baths and toilets. All together these will create “a seamlessly coordinated look” — something homeowners will certainly be craving.

Going Smart in the UK

smart bathroom trend 2020
source homeautomat.in

Home automation is the way forward, and Homes & Gardens details how smart technology in the bathroom will be big in the UK next year. This includes de-misting mirrors, integrated charging and USB ports, automatic hand-wipe sensors, and LED temperature displays.

Some even opt to go smart with their plumbing system, through smart showers, leak detectors, and water monitoring installations. Installing these advanced bathroom features will require an extensive renovation, with the plumbing probably needing some adjustments or even being updated, as well as steps taken to ensure everything is safe.

HomeServe suggest homeowners should get insurance for their plumbing system just in case any unexpected breakdowns occur, especially during major renovations. This is particularly true for a smart bathroom with extensive electric circuitry. This additional work, not to mention cost, may put you off, but these smart installations will give you lots of convenience. They’ll even net you savings in the long run by automatically turning off lights, closing faucets, and detecting leaks. These benefits will make going smart worth the trouble and the expense.

Installing tiles in Singapore

bathroom tiles
bathroom tiles illustration source antica.su

In 2019, homeowners in Singapore started falling in love with using tiles in the bathroom, and this love has continued. A top designer from Singapore explained on her Instagram how marble titles styled with gold details are en vogue at the moment. It’s a trend that will continue into 2020. Should this trend appeal to you, do consider the recommendations we outlined in our ‘25 Bathroom Tiles Design’ post. Of note, you can vary the shades, forms, and patterns of your tiles. Unlike in Singapore, you might also want to define different parts of your bathroom by using different tile designs in each place. Whichever option you choose, changing tiles is a great way to upgrade your bathroom.