4 Amputees Who Overcame Adversity

There’s no denying that the human will can grow stronger in the face of adversity. In your own life, you can probably recall hard times that tested your ability to endure and overcome those challenges.

When people are left with missing limbs, either through birth defects or a medical need for amputation, they face some of the hardest challenges any human has faced.

The following examples prove that people are capable of extreme courage and strength when faced with this type of adversity.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

When you think of inspiring celebrities, Nick Vujicic should top the list and he does for millions of people throughout the world. In 1982,

Nick was born without any limbs and struggled to come to terms with his situation throughout most of his early life. He faced ridicule in school, suffered from frequent bouts of depression, and attempted suicide as a young man.

Eventually, he overcame these mental health problems and focused on the positive things he had in his life. He ultimately created a nationwide support group for disabled Americans, which he named Life Without Limbs.

Today, Mr. Vujicic is an author and world renowned celebrity, regularly appearing on talk shows and podcasts.

Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard

Another individual who was born without hands or feet, Kyle Maynard credits his family for helping him develop the skills he needed to survive as an adult.

Kyle recalls that his father stopped allowing the family to feed him by age two, which compelled Kyle to learn how to feed himself. Additionally, his family invested in the tools that Kyle would use to live a full and useful life.

Ultimately, this led to Mr. Maynard becoming a mixed martial arts champion, successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without the benefit of prosthetic limbs, and led to him earning the ESPY award.

Kaisa Leka

Kaisa Leka

After struggling with disease throughout her early childhood, Kaisa Leka had her legs amputated up to her knees in 2002. While she struggled with coming to terms with the situation, she eventually learned to focus on the things she could do with her life.

She became a political commentator, speaking out in defense of the physically disabled, and pursued her goals of becoming a comic book artist.

After learning how to use her prosthetic limbs, Kaisa also became an avid cyclist, a hobby that she still enjoys to this day.

Alex Zanardi

Alex Zanardi

Early in his life, Alex Zanardi was a Formula 1 race car driver until an accident resulted in the loss of his legs. When this type of accident occurs among drivers on a public highway, hiring attorneys can help an accident victim claim damages. However, in professional racing, this is considered an occupational hazard.

According to Jacoby & Meyers, the cause of a lower limb amputation is irrelevant, but the functionality of the individual after the amputation is paramount.

Amputation significantly impairs your ability to function, and when the amputation is severe enough, as it would be in a race car driver who would effectively lose his career as a result, it can completely change your life.

After struggling for three years to deal with the loss of his limbs, he returned to racing with the use of prosthetic limbs and a BMW that was specifically engineered for his capabilities.

Since then, he has taken home the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) award four different times. Today, Alex competes in cycling and uses a tricycle that helps him compete with other disabled athletes. Since taking up cycling, Mr. Zanardi has won the Paralympic gold medal several times over.

No matter what obstacles you face in your own life, try to remember the people mentioned here and use their experiences to help you endure your own challenges.

You can draw strength from them to remind yourself that you do have what it takes to overcome any obstacles you face. This can be enough to help you achieve success in any endeavor in spite of the self-doubts that have previously held you back.