When is The Best Time of Year to Visit Bora Bora

BEST TIME TO VISIT BORA BORA – When to visit Bora Bora? A 6-mile long French Polynesian island consisting of 2 enormous volcanic tops, a serene lagoon as well as coral reef teeming with aquatic wildlife as well as obviously a long checklist of happy tourists who have actually made Bora their go-to trip destination.

Located just over 140 miles (230 kilometers) northwest of Tahiti makes this island a very exotic area excellent for both beach lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts alike. Bora is conveniently among the very best destinations for newly weds that really desire a special area for their honeymoon.

Are you wanting to know when is the best Bora weather? We have actually been To Tahiti in the summer damp period and had several of the very best Bora weather, and we’ve been there in the winter completely dry season as well as had lots of rainfall (as well as rainbows). The only assurance concerning the climate in Bora is that it will be wetter as well as more moist in the summertime than the cold weather.

Best Time to Visit Bora Bora

best time to visit bora bora tahiti

The Tahitian wintertime is the best climate in Bora if you prefer much less warm, humidity as well as wind. If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, after that go throughout high season to boost your possibilities of the best Bora weather. We review this better on our finest month to visit Bora page.

If you wish to save loan, get on a budget, take pleasure in moisture, or want to avoid high tourist season, then the very best time to visit Bora is in the shoulder season or low period. I find that the even more times I go, the a lot more I appreciate all of the Bora weather. Wet days lend a sultry, exotic ambiance to journeys on the shallows, which stays a fantastic blue.

See our monthly weather condition graph to discover day and night temperature levels, wet days, sea temperature and also sunlight hrs.

I do believe that your first browse through to Bora is one of the most auspicious. As they claim, impressions matter! Bora goes to it’s most beautiful with blue sky and also sunshine. So, ideally, take your first journey during the most effective Bora weather. I desire you great deals of sunlight for your initial vacation.

As soon as you understand when to obtain the most effective weather in Bora check out concepts for creating the Bora trip of a lifetime.

Find the best Bora weather for you

Bora Bora climate for each month of the year:

the best time to visit bora bora


January in Bora is the damp period. During January there is high moisture and warmer air temperature levels.– regarding 5 ° F warmer. January has a lot more rain than various other times of the year. An uncommon cyclone may pass across the Pacific Sea nearby, bringing several days of intermittent showers.


February in Bora is the wet season. It’s about 5 ° F warmer as well as an extra moist typically. February has a high chance of rain in Bora Bora. While the air temperature can be warmer, the frequent rainfall cools the air. Bring a raincoat and also damp climate equipment if taking a trip currently of year.

best time to visit bora bora weather


March in Bora is last month of the damp period. It is moist as well as concerning 5 ° F warmer. The shallows water is hottest currently of year.

April is Best Time to Visit Bora Bora

April in Bora is the end of wet period. It is regarded as a ‘shoulder season’ month. There are extra hrs of sunshine and also much less chance of rainfall. This is a good time of year to visit Bora on a budget as the hotel prices are below throughout high period rates.

In April, the temperatures in Bora rise and fall in between the lower 70s and also the top 80s. Since it’s ideal prior to the high period, April works as a wonderful month to holiday in picture-perfect climate sans traveler crowds. For crowning achievement, you may find reduced prices on resorts or hotels.

best time of year to visit bora bora


May is another shoulder period month and also is an attractive season to go to. Reserve well beforehand to take a trip to Bora during May, as this month integrates great climate and reduced costs – so it’s a popular time to publication.


June in Bora is the beginning of the high season. The weather in Bora is clothes dryer at this time of year as well as there is much less moisture. The air as well as water temperatures are cooler usually. The south eastern profession winds begin to blow throughout June.

best time to visit bora bora for honeymoon


July in Bora is peak high period. If you choose much less humidity and also not such a hot environment, this is an excellent month for you to see Bora Bora. The water temperature is cooler compared to average and the south eastern trade winds blow, maintaining the air colder. Bring a windproof jacket if traveling currently of year.


August in Bora is the busiest month. It is high season as well as still the dry season. The trade winds are at their greatest. This is a great time of year for wind sporting activities and also sailing. August in Bora normally has the least rain and also much less moisture, so might be the very best Bora climate for you if you come from a cooler climate.

best time to visit bora bora for honeymoon


September in Bora is additionally High season. It is a dryer time of year as well as there are less groups compared to August,


October in Bora is the last month of the dry season. October is still classified as high period, which typically ends on the 31st of October.

November is Best Time to Visit Bora Bora

November in Bora is the end of completely dry period as the weather removals into the damp season later in the month. The weather condition in November could be patchy, with durations of rain and also sunshine. There begins to be a lot more humidity airborne and also the island comes to be a lot more rich with the rain.

Adhering to peak period, November is a good time to capture Bora with depleted groups. Temperature levels vary from the low 70s to the mid-80s and also you may discover a reduced space rate. While Bora holiday accommodations are notoriously pricey despite the period, the low and also shoulder seasons are recognized to sport some bargains.

bora bora best time to visit


December in Bora is the damp period. The air is damp and about 5 ° F warmer. December in Bora has much more chance of rain. Bring a raincoat and also footwears you don’t mind splashing if taking a trip at this time of year.

Bora Bora is a special remote tropical island location. You can not hurry out to Target to order something that you neglected. There are specific items which you will certainly need, depending upon the moment of year you go. Here’s exactly what you need to find out about what to require to Bora Bora.

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Best time to visit Bora Bora based upon the Weather condition

best time to visit tahiti bora bora

Bora Bora has actually officially been stated to have just 2 major seasons: summer season and also wintertime. Because it is located south of the equator, be sure to think about that it more than likely has the contrary period times of your home nation.

Summer season: The summer season are December through March and also are called the wettest months of the year. As a result of the rains, the humidity can end up being instead extreme and also in some cases uneasy if you are not made use of to that type of climate. Tornados also take place fairly often, making the yearly rainfall quantity in some cases approximately 71 inches. Temperature levels during the summer season range from 70-85 degrees F (21-29 C).

Wintertime: From beginning of April to end of November are thought about the winter months and also the driest time of the year. Rainfall and tornados are very unusual during the winter months and also moisture is a lot more acceptable for visitors. The typical temperatures are generally 70-82 levels F (21-27 C).

Whether you make a decision to check out Bora throughout the summertime or the winter, be sure to pack appropriately with lots of sun block as well as suitable garments.

Best time to visit Bora Bora on Crowds and also Costs

bora bora best time to visit

High Period: As a result of the much more comfy weather condition in the winter season of April-November, this is when tourist is at its optimal in Bora Bora. The island itself is known as an extremely expensive visitor destination and if you wish to assure both tasks as well as lodging alternatives to be at their all-time greatest, after that high season is definitely the moment.

The deluxe hotels that are already rather costly bump up their rates during these months. Groups will additionally be much bigger and privacy at the lagoon as well as beaches will not be much of an alternative.

Reduced Period: Summer season is considered reduced season mostly because of the climate as well as storms that occur with it. The rainfall turns individuals off to wanting to see during this time around however thankfully if you do plan on checking out Bora throughout the wintertime, you will certainly locate a decrease in prices for both accommodation and also tasks Likewise, the groups will not be as poor as compared to the summer months.

Best time to visit Bora Bora for the tasks

bora bora best time to visit

Bora Bora, though little in its dimension and also nature, has a lot of water activities readily available to any and all site visitors. With such excellent blue-green waters filled with over 500 various marine varieties, Bora is genuinely a heaven for sea enthusiasts.

Snorkeling: During the day go out to practically any type of beach and also within secs you will certainly discover on your own bordered by teem of vivid tropical fish. The most effective time to go throughout the day are just whenever is merely whenever the sun is out as well as shining accompanied by no rain.

Diving: The winter season give you the most effective chances of the clearest water. There are lots of diving courses and training courses to enroll in on the island where they can tell you when the best times to go out to sea are.

Deep Sea Angling: Because Bora is the home of over 500 types of marine life makes it one of one of the most one-of-a-kind and memorable areas to go out to do some deep sea angling. If you intend to start with cooler temperature levels head out in the early morning and be back before the afternoon. You can choose besede on your standart when is Best time to visit Bora Bora.

Nonetheless, if you would love to see the well-known Bora sundowns from your angling boat, head out to sea in the mid-day as well as witness an unbelievable comparison of shades right before ending your fishing expedition. The cold weather usually use the best temperatures as well as with virtually no possibility of rainfall or tornados.