Browsing Options for Building Digital Directories Signs: 5 Tips     

As you know, digital directories signs can display many different kinds of content to inform and attract potential customers to your business.

But not all directories signs have the same browsing options; a small local business or restaurant may not need the same browse options for building directories signs for a large franchise or national chain store. That’s why it’s crucial to choose directory signs that fit your needs. 

Here are five tips on picking directory signs with the browsing options you need for your property.

Landscape and Portrait Mode

Landscape mode is helpful if you have long content that won’t fit into a small space. Your text will wrap and fill up as much space as possible in landscape mode.

Portrait mode allows your text to stay where it is when you scroll, giving more options to place links and calls to action within your snippet.  

Interactive Browse Options

When a digital directory sign is as interactive as an app, it can do so much more than just display details about your business. It can also be a portrait gallery of sorts, showcasing photos and videos of your company’s employees and customers.

Interactive signs that help potential customers make an informed decision about whether or not to visit your property are far more effective than standard directories.

Streaming Media Player

This is the primary type of Digital Signage Solution used by most companies and businesses. You can use this media player to stream videos, pictures, and animations to display on your screens and monitors.

These types of Digital Signage Solutions can be used in building lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, clubs, gyms, etc.

Portrait Template with Grey Background

To add some additional browsing options to your digital directory sign, you can post an optional portrait template in grayscale at the bottom of your sign.

The grey background will stand out from your digital directory sign, giving it a unique and clean feel that customers are sure to love.

A Scrolling Directory

 This is one of the most popular browsing options for digital directories. With a scrolling directory, the images that appear on your screen move from left to right or from top to bottom, depending on which option you select.

The scrolling option is straightforward yet highly effective when attracting attention to your business and its products and services.

Bonus: Digital Catalogue

With this option, you will create a catalogue with all of your products and services listed in alphabetical order. Customers will be able to quickly look through the record to find what they need without having to ask any questions of your employees or salespeople.

This is especially helpful if you want customers who are not interested in purchasing something.

In the End

You can choose from different browse options or even decide on a specific brand of signage to place throughout your property.

If you have any business or a real estate agent, you know that one of the first things potential clients or customers look at when coming across a building is the outside display.