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How A Plant-Based Diet Can Improve Athletic Performance

How A Plant-Based Diet Can Improve Athletic Performance

With the increased interest in the health advantages of plant-based diets, it’s worth thinking about how plant-centered eating habits can affect sports performance.  Who are some of the celebrity athletes that are following a plant-based diet? There are some professional…

What Happens When a Heart Valve Implant Breaks?

Heart Surgery Aortic Valve Replacement

Heart surgeries are typically high-risk procedures that are intended to be either life-saving or life-enhancing. When artificial devices are involved in these treatments, the risk associated with having them performed invariably increases. This increase is largely due to the potential…

How to Protect Your Family From Radon

Ranking as the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking cigarettes, radon has its dangers, and it barely ever receives attention. People who live in homes with high radon levels increase their risk of developing the disease. Radon kills…

Legal Facts Construction Workers Need to Know

Construction work can be difficult and demanding. There are also several potential safety hazards you could face if you’re a construction professional. You need to know what will happen if you’re hurt on the job so you can get the…

4 Amputees Who Overcame Adversity

There’s no denying that the human will can grow stronger in the face of adversity. In your own life, you can probably recall hard times that tested your ability to endure and overcome those challenges. When people are left with…