Interior Stylist Approved Flooring Trends of 2019

When it comes to designing homes, interior stylists manage to create looks that are often difficult to copy for the average homeowner. The one tip any interior stylist would give when it comes to creating that look is to set the tone through flooring- something we usually ignore. That’s because it’s the biggest canvas in an interior design space.

Flooring Trends of 2019

If you are looking to create a specific theme in your home, you might want to take inspiration from these 5 interior stylist approved flooring trends of 2019:

Recycled or Reclaimed Flooring

What can we say? It’s the era of sustainability. More and more people understand how their lifestyle is affecting the environment around them and adopting sustainable design practice. Sustainability in interior design is not something new, but recently we have seen homeowners wanting to extend sustainable design to flooring also.

When it comes to recycled and reclaimed materials, you have a good number of choices. There are reclaimed wood, bamboo, and even cork. In fact, cork trees live up to 200 years and grow back to their original length after every harvest. If you go with reclaimed materials, reclaimed barn doors are something you should check out.

Recycled and reclaimed materials should be chosen taking into account one’s environment. Where do you live? What kind of material would be more sustainable in that area?

Black and White Tiles

This isn’t anything new. You might remember the black and white tiles from old vintage movies. And you would probably agree that these spark a certain kind of nostalgia and mystery. In 2019, black and white flooring has gone more graphic and bold. There’s a dash of glamour to them.

With black and white tiles, you have a lot of room to reclaim your personality. You can go with geometric patterns or opt for an organic feel. Interior stylists recommend changing patterns and black and white balance in different rooms to make it easier for the eye.

Trickling Patterns

There’s no rule that says you have to make the same flooring throughout your entire home, or even for one room. With trickling patterns taking over, there is so much room for creativity. You can start with bold flooring like black and white graphics tiles and trickle over to a more sensible and conventional style like wooden flooring.

But be careful, don’t go overboard. You don’t want your flooring to steal all the attention or create a jumbled mess.

Rustic Flooring

In the past few years, rustic flooring has acquired a good dealing of following and it seems like rustic flooring is here to stay in 2019 also.

But rustic flooring isn’t for every home and every homeowner. You got to love the natural, imperfect quality of rustic floors. The rustic feel invites the warped woods, the knots, the grooves, and the broken tongues. There’s little attention given to creating a polished look. So, if you enjoy the glam feel, rustic flooring isn’t for you.

Light or Bleached Flooring

This will go especially well with smaller homes and apartment as lighter colors create an illusion of bigger space. The ash-white wood flooring that you often see in beach homes is achieved through the blanching process. Bleach is applied to wood to strip down its brown glossy finish. What remains is a very light, grayish wood that emphasizes the grains and texture of the wood.

If you are planning to go for bleached flooring, you could work on your existing wooden flooring to get that feel. Or you could directly buy bleached wooden floor tiles. Ask your constructor before going for either option.

Wider Tiles

Floor tiles are getting wider. Now 7 inches of tiles or planks are quite normal. Wider tiles, like lighter flooring, also create an illusion of space.

Wider tiles will give a more modern feel to your space. They can be used in combination with other flooring trends of 2019. You can choose to go with wider tiles for any of the above styles. For instance, you can go with wider bleached wood flooring.

Patterned Tiles

While you are changing the flooring of your home, think about why we always go with lying down the tiles one piece after the other. Flooring in 2019 isn’t just about new materials or the finishing. You can choose to experiment with your tile’s patterns. For instance, you can lay them in a crisscross to lend a new character to your floors.

Changing a home’s floor tiles require a lot of time and money. It could take weeks. So, if you are planning to change your flooring, be prepared. Changing flooring also requires a pretty decent amount of money. You might want to consider remortgaging your home to get your desired look. We recommend searching for mortgage refinance lenders to start with.