The Fountain Ideas to Decorate and Soothe both Indoor and Outdoor Space

If you live in a big city with a very noisy neighborhood, you may need the fountain ideas. Every time we get tired of the sound people produce while doing their activities in our neighborhood, we can stay around the fountain to recreate ourselves and try to become one with nature. The fountain at home will be like therapies.

Water Fountain Ideas

Water is fresh. That is why people love to enjoy the beaches, rivers, seas, and oceans. Those who live far away from the waters will have a pond or a pond with a fountain in the garden of their dwelling place.

Some people who love nature so much will add them with perfumed flowers blooming at night. We can imagine that the garden with soothing flowers, pond, and fountain will make us happily ‘hide from the tiring world’ for a while.

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, having a pond with a fountain won’t be a problem, those who don’t have a big garden will have a mini fountain in their patio design ideas.

Garden fountain ideas

Having a large or small garden doesn’t matter if you have a small quadrant pond on the left or the right corner of your garden where a tiled fountain is located above the pond. If we add foliage around the pond, we will have a beautiful view to enjoy every day.

The sidewalk ideas may be needed for the garden with fountain, especially if the garden is large enough. A circular sidewalk to surround the pond with a fountain can be made from different materials that go well with the materials of the fountain and the pond. A natural finish is always great to make the water feature even more beautiful and fresh to enjoy.

Backyard fountain ideas

If we have a backyard where we can have a relaxation with our family members, we can have a pond with a fountain where we can enjoy the sound of tranquil water. If you don’t have enough space for a real pond, you can always have a fountain with a pot as the pond.


Nowadays, there are many offline and online home depots to offer many kinds of small fountains with a pot as the pond. We can have the one suits our needs best and we can locate it on the corner of our small backyard.

Front yard fountain ideas

Those having a large front yard, they seem to have no problems in locating a pond with a fountain. Most people with a large front yard will locate their water feature in the middle of the yard so this will be like a focal point. A water feature with a brick or stone entry seems to always be a favorite.

A big house can have a water feature with a brick fence to surround the pond where the fountain is located in the middle of the pond. If your space is enough to have a water feature but you don’t want to invest much, you can have a small solar fountain which is budget friendly and easier to care for.

DIY fountain ideas

It is always interesting to have a custom fountain. We can hire someone to do it for us, or if you have enough time to do it, a DIY fountain will be more satisfying. See the ideas below.

  • Consider a pyramidal structure that is formed by three clay pots of different size. You will be happy to see the water travel down from the smallest pots to the biggest one.
  • Have different size of stones and pile them up from the biggest to the smallest stone. With silicone adhesive, you can make those stones piled up. The foundation of this stone fountain is an underwater pump. Surely this fountain should be located in a garden of both front and backyard.
  • Bamboos are always nice for everything including a fountain. Prepare three bamboo sticks with the same size and tie them closed. On those three, attach a bigger bamboo to provide a water passage to the vessel—a stone pot with smaller colorful stones inside.

Landscape fountain ideas

Talking about landscape fountain, we should know that there are types of the fountains to be located both in the backyard or front yard of a house of public places, like an office.

People can choose a free-standing or wall mounted one. People can have the one with splash-effect production, a simple one, or a subtle one.

The style and size of the fountain surely have to go well with the house or the building’s style. See the simple landscape design plan for making a fountain below:

Have you ever heard about a fountain of stacked rocks?  These rocks are stacked with a very strong stick or skewer made from certain metals. So, the stones will be like satay.

It is possible to have more than one group of stones to make like satay in making a unique landscape fountain It is a must to have the rocks have a hole in the middle. Don’t worry we can go to stone monger to make a hole in the stones.

The biggest stone, of course, is as the foundation, and under the biggest stone, there is the pump to make the fountain run well, which is installed safely. The installation of the pump should be very safe with other strong material to cover. You can use a can with cover to locate the pump.

Indoor water fountain ideas

It is always nice to have something refreshing inside our house. So, it is not impossible for those who don’t have enough space outside, like those living in an apartment. Here are the ideas.

  • Consider a fiberglass slate fountain with LED light which can be located on a table.
  • Consider a fountain of resin tiered bowls with LED light.
  • Consider a small wall fountain with LED lights.

Rock fountain ideas

Stones are always nice. They give natural value to anything including a fountain. A simple stone rock fountain will nice to have in the backyard or front yard. Nowadays there are smaller stones fountains for indoors which are available in both offline and online home depot.

You can browse and choose the one that suits you best. If you want to make it by yourself in your garden surely it can be a custom one with the choice of the stones that you really love. Just dig a hole in your garden with the size and the depth that you want. After that, put on a can in the middle of the hole.

The size and height of the can are all up to you, you just have to make it enough for a pump to run your water fountain. Next to the can, which is now under the ground with only a rim to see, we can put on small rocks that occupy the rest space.

In such a way, you should put the pump cord inside a conduit to connect with the central power. Make sure it is safe enough when you turn it on.

What do you think? It’s a long talk when it comes to fountains, right? It is hoped that the article about the fountain ideas can give you more information if you plan to have one in your dwelling place.

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