25 Impressive Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Modern Privacy Garden

25 Impressive Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Modern Privacy Garden

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Impressive Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Modern Garden – Despite the interior, the home exterior, and the garden are also things that are interesting to talk about.

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Yes, those parts are considered as the front liner to welcome you and your guests before going inside. It is not exaggerating then if the design and arrangement should be as beautiful as possible.


The designs of front yard landscaping them are actually very varied. But if you want your home living look not only stunning but also up to date; the modern designs are just the best choices. Well, how can the modern landscape be applied in the front yard? Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Minimalist Fencing for front yard Landscape

Forget the classic fencing ideas that are full of details and ornaments. Even the simple and minimalist ones can just look great.

It is no matter what kind of materials to be used anyway whether it is wood, aluminum, vinyl, or stainless steel. You just need to make sure that the materials are qualified, durable, and resistant toward the weather.

It is not difficult to imagine how modern and minimalist fences should be. In general, it is only about arranging the pieces of materials together without too many additional accents. For the sizes, it depends on your taste whether you want them to be thin or a little wider.

Pavers and Stones

For the landscape design plans, make sure that the area of the front yard looks neat and clean. Before putting the plants there, pavers and stones must be your concerns at first.

Create a pattern around your house and some parts must be paved. It is highly recommended if the colors and ideas are matched to the home exterior.

For the rest, the stepping stones can be applied to form the other patterns that have been created before. Interestingly, there are now many kinds of stepping stones offered outside with various colors and sizes. Choose one or even more stone types that are fit to the landscaping concept.

Grass Insertion to make landscape more beautiful

Only applying pavers and stones on the yard must be really boring and monotonous. Still, about the basic concept for the front yard, there must be the green grass to make it look livelier. The fresh green color itself is undeniably something to make the garden look really like a garden.

To deepen the sense of modern and minimalist, the grass must be always kept to be short indeed. When you look at it from far, the grass may not look like plants but the green carpet.

Of course, there are further treatments to keep the grass that way. But to make your front yard look more impressive, this one is worth to apply

Epic Planting Areas

Even if the minimalism is something to pay attention more here, make sure you have enough planting area. There should by some big spots as places to let the bigger plants aside from the grass growing.

Applying big pots is a good idea here. Another idea is preparing some big areas in which the plants are just growing in bushes there.

Although modern landscaping is focused on the minimalism, it doesn’t mean that the number of plants growing should be limited. It is even good if you have so many kinds of plants in the front yard.

You just need to arrange them well to meet the modern and minimalist concept. Indeed, it means that additional budgets for the treatment may be bigger in this case.

Colorful Plants are allowed

Many people assume that modern and minimalist front yard must be focused on the application of plants with certain colors only. Of course, it is a wrong perception. Just like the number of plants mentioned in the previous point, the colorful plants can still look minimalist if you arrange them well.


If you have more budgets, the plants can be arranged on certain patterns that have been created before. The pattern can just shape like squares or rounds. But you can also shape them like the form of letters or even certain cartoon characters.

Aside from making it neater and so that it in line with the minimalist concept, this idea simply makes your garden unique and different from the others.

Vertical Garden on Landscape Design

Anything about the landscaping seems possible when you have enough space. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with a large front yard. If this is also your problem, it seems you must put some more efforts. One of them is by applying the vertical garden.

The vertical garden means that the plants are grown vertically whether on the wall or using other planting media. Although it is commonly applied as a solution for the limitation of land, you can just apply it even if your front yard is quite big.

Proper Lighting for Front Yard Landscape

The beautiful garden landscape should not only be enjoyed in the morning or at noon. Even when the sun is already set down, it is great if the garden can still look nice. That’s why; lighting plays so many important roles here.

There are so many ideas regarding the garden lighting for sure. Just choose one of them that is really fit to the condition of your garden.

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One of the newest ideas is indeed the application of LED. Install some of them on the certain spots to display the plants. If you want to make it look a little bit classic but also romantic, the twinkling light just like on the Christmas tree is still and always be a cool idea.

Garden Furniture to Decorate your Front Yard

Sometimes, you may just want to relax while enjoying the landscape around. Well, this becomes the main reason why garden furniture is always necessary. Commonly, it is added as the front yard or maybe the backyard landscaping ideas.

For modern landscape, the furniture should be in contemporary style also. Meanwhile, to keep it strong and durable toward the weather, it is much better to place them under a canopy or a small gazebo. Besides, you can also keep it inside when the weather is quite extreme during the winter or summer.

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