Why is Garden Maintenance so Important?

With summer finally in full swing, many of us are getting outdoors and looking to enjoy our gardens – especially since seven in eight British households had access to one in 2020.

As any garden owner will know, outdoor spaces need tending to, but for the uninitiated, why is this the case? Why is maintenance such an important part of owning and enjoying a garden?

For safety’s sake

If you want your garden to be a clean and safe space for your children, you will need to ensure that it is a secure environment for them to play in and explore.

Regular maintenance is key to making this happen, as if plants are overgrown, grass is at waist level, or pieces of furniture, décor and construction are damaged or about to collapse, then anyone using the garden will be at risk.

That means you need to make sure that you conduct safety-conscious jobs. Mow the lawn properly and remove any stones or other detritus from it so it’s a safe place for people to relax on or children to play.

Trim overgrown hedges and bushes, and get rid of troublesome weeds – especially those on the thornier, stingier, or more poisonous end of the spectrum.  

It looks better


A well-maintained garden looks so much better than a disorganized, overgrown one. If you’re the sort of person that likes spending time in their back garden – soaking up the rays, enjoying evenings with friends, or simply appreciating nature – then overgrown plants and other sources of mess will subtract from your enjoyment.

This extends to others too, which matters particularly if you are trying to sell your home. By simply cutting grass or using a leaf blower to remove dead leaves and other detritus, you can make your home’s garden look picture perfect.

It will appear as a blank canvas that will let prospective buyers consider how they want to personalize the garden, as opposed to fixating on how chaotic it is.

You’ll save time and money

Yes, garden maintenance costs money to do properly, but if you don’t do it at all, you’ll only end up having to pay for more costly maintenance and repairs later down the line. If the grass or plants get out of control, you might need to hire a gardener or landscaper.

What’s more, even if you choose the DIY approach, you’ll still need to buy or hire more heavy-duty tools and equipment, such as a strimmer or chipper, to make a dent.

And naturally, the tougher the job, the longer it’ll take you. Spending 30 minutes each weekend ticking off jobs you’ve arranged, calendar-style, will save your spare time from backbreaking and decidedly sweaty hours – or days – of garden labour. We know which we’d choose!