Why Do Most Homeowners Want to Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings?

The blandness of the bare ceilings made people add decorative texture to this part of their interiors for a more aesthetic look. It led to the emergence of popcorn ceilings, which also earned different epithets, such as cottage cheese ceiling and acoustic ceiling.

The material had become such a rage that most of the American homes in the 70s and 80s featured it. Plus, it also offered the convenience of hiding imperfections of the ceiling. However, with the lapse of time, people realized that it could contain a carcinogenic compound called asbestos.  At the same time, it exposed other challenges too. This article discusses those so that you, as a homeowner, can take the right measures at the appropriate time.


pop corn ceiling effect to lighting

The popcorn ceiling in the home means poor lighting. Its bumpy surface deflects the light, causing shadows in the room, which you wouldn’t enjoy until you want to relax.

If you can’t put up with this, you can either remove or replace it with a better option, such as a stretch ceiling. And those who don’t have a budget can add floor and table lamps to enhance the glow in the atmosphere.


Another challenge with this ceiling is that it gets discolored after some time. It can affect the overall look of the room regardless of how beautiful you made it. In this case, you can either remove or replace this ceiling.

For help, you can get in touch with a company specializing in popcorn ceiling removal Philadelphia. The professionals can provide you with the best solution to make your room fresh and enticing.


popcorn ceiling full of dust

Maintaining home is not an easy task, especially when it concerns cleaning. No matter how frequently you do dusting and everything, you cannot relax for too long.

And then, the problem becomes worse when you have a popcorn ceiling, which catches dust and dirt quickly. It takes lots of time to clean this ceiling with brush and broom.


It cannot survive for long despite all the efforts you put in to keep it safe. A time comes when it starts to disintegrate. When you notice white specks fallen on the floors and furniture, take it as a sign of it getting affected.

There can be other sources of damage, too, such as accidental holes, dents, and scrapes.

Asbestos threat

get rid of popcorn ceillings

There is no denying that popcorn ceilings contained asbestos, but after 1978 under the Clean Air Act, it got banned. That means if your ceiling is older than that, then it can have that substance. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry as much.

The EPA says if your ceiling is in good shape, you are not at the risk of inhaling the harmful substance. So, you can keep it as it is. The most likely scenarios when you would want to modify it include damaged surfaces, exposed ceiling, and so on.

Since the ceiling plays an integral role in the decoration of the room, you cannot take any chance with it. You have to analyze all the elements thoroughly before making any final decisions. For a smooth process, you can get in touch with a reliable popcorn ceiling replacement company and benefit from its advice.