Granite Sinks: The Quintessential Component of Every Kitchen Remodel

When should you remodel your kitchen? There is no “correct” answer to this question. Some people remodel the kitchen immediately after moving into their new homes, while others choose to wait 4 to 5 years till the countertop, sink, and other parts of the kitchen begin showing signs of wear.

Ideally, you should think about renovating your kitchen if your sink has begun to leak or drip, the pipelines to the sink require replacement, the countertop has cracks or significant discoloration from daily use and/or you need more natural light and open space in the kitchen.

Other reasons for renovation often include the need for additional countertop space, one new basin or sink, or some more storage space.

Why do homeowners pick granite sinks for kitchen remodels?

sink before remodels

When it comes to kitchen remodels, purchasing a sink is one of the primary requirements. Older sinks in marble, composite, and porcelain demand replacement due to years of use and abuse. Most homeowners go with granite sinks to match their granite countertops.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone with high resistance to heat and pressure. It has a natural sheen that remains for years after installation. Although granite sinks are costlier than composite and porcelain, their integrity and tolerance towards rough use make them the favorite of both homeowners and remodelers.

What are the different construction methods of granite sinks?

Irrespective of the sink style you choose, granite sinks will be heavy. They are not so easy to pick up and move about, but they do offer tolerance towards daily wear and tear. Their final tolerance towards pressure, heat, and corrosive cleaners depend upon the engineering of the sink.

Today, granite sinks are no longer boring cuboidal structures. You can find designer sinks in abstract shapes with rounded corners and granite double bowl sinks with options for undermount installation. Knowing where to look can expand your available options for granite sinks. Check out the Kraus granite sink collection to find out about all the variants.

Even today, almost all kitchen hardware and fixture brands sell two types of granite sinks –

  1. Entirely hand-carved or machine-assisted out of one massive chunk of granite. There are no joining seams. The chances of leakage are nil in these sinks.
  2. Using between five and seven slabs of granite to assemble the sink. Joining these pieces requires water-resistant resin or adhesive. The quality of sealing will determine if the sink will be water-tight.

What’s the latest trend for granite kitchen sink installation?


2019, the highest-selling granite sinks were of the apron front or farmhouse style.

Undermount farmhouse granite sinks have a seamless charm that is absent from contemporary styles of porcelain and composite sinks.

Stainless sinks of similar size and make can be cheaper than hand-carved full-granite sinks, but the latter is an interior décor statement that even kitchen with a strong personality deserves. If you love to spend time in your kitchen and your living room directly opens into the kitchen, giving your guests a full view of the kitchen sink, choosing a 100% granite sink can enhance the aesthetics of your entire living cum dining space.

What should you know about the sealing of granite sinks?

While installing a granite sink, you should ensure that it is entirely water-proof (adequately sealed). Although most sinks come with proper sealing from the manufacturer, you need to reseal it from time-to-time to prevent leakage. Talk to your contractor or plumber to find out about the resealing frequency for your new granite kitchen sink.

Granite sinks aren’t going anywhere! There are two ways to interpret this comment –

  1. The sinks have a transcendent style statement that is not temporary. Your granite sink will outlive your friend’s porcelain and ceramic sink, and, possibly, your neighbor’s stainless-steel sink too!
  2. Additionally, it is too heavy to move around. If you are installing a granite sink by the kitchen window, you will need significant effort and muscle power to move it to the island. Replacing a granite sink is more work than replacing a lighter porcelain or steel sink.

Granite may be highly resistant to pressure, but dropping it or using sharp tools on the sink surface during the installation can cause permanent damage. Polishing is not always the solution for removing scratches from a granite surface. Any scuffing is highly visible on the naturally shiny and uniformly colored surface.

What type of interior décor does a granite sink complement?

kitchen-dark granite sink

Granite sinks are perfect for granite countertops, but that does not mean you should not pick a granite sink for a tiled or quartz composite countertop. Take a look at the different varieties of granite – while black is most common, other variants include speckled, marbled, and colored.

Speckled and marbled variants of granite are quite suitable for tiled and composite countertops. Contrary to popular belief, not all spotted or marbled granite is composite or engineered. You can find 100% natural granite sinks at reputed stores made from speckled stone.

That’s the beauty of working with all-natural materials! No two granite sinks can ever be completely identical. Within their dark colors, there will be minute striations or spots that will make your sink distinct and unique. So, even if your next-door neighbor decides to purchase the “same” granite sink, their sink will be different from yours by a wide margin!

What should you remember while buying a granite kitchen sink?

Natural granite is perfect for numerous interior décor themes. Since they are ideally suited for various countertop materials, backsplash styles, and color schemes, homeowners deck their neo-modern homes. Art deco inspired kitchens and farmhouse style kitchens with pure granite sinks.

Granite contrasts lighter color schemes and complements the darker hues. These sinks are as perfect for brighter hued kitchen spaces with tons of natural light, as they are for dark themed kitchens with limited space.

Be sure to look at renowned online stores or reputed land-based stores to explore the complete range of granite sinks for your kitchen. Without enough options, it might be challenging to pick a design that perfectly complements the aesthetics of your home and kitchen.