Hand Injuries When Renovating Your Home and How to Avoid Them

Regardless of what area of the construction area you work in, hand injuries are among the most common. When using machinery, it can be easy to catch yourself if you’re not looking or paying 100% attention.

Whether you’re using pulleys and belts or other pieces of equipment, the pinch point of any of these can cause severe damage. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible when on your next job.

Wear the Right Equipment

Selection of tools in the shape of a house

There’s possibly nothing more important that wearing the right equipment. Ensuring you have everything you need from reputable PPE suppliers before you start working is crucial.

Wear work gloves when handling rough materials and when your hands are directly involved with lifting or moving objects.

Get Your Space Prepared

worker-tools-measures-plans Get Your Space Prepared

By making sure your space is prepared and ready to go, you’re working towards mitigating risks. Removing or bending protruding nails, splinters and sharp edges on materials before beginning to work with them, will help to protect your hands.

It’s also important that when preparing your space, your machines are in good working order and that you have guards in place where necessary. This is especially important where equipment that has blades are concerned.

It’s also important to make sure that you have enough room to work. This means making sure doorways and smaller areas are clear, giving you enough space to navigate a cart and your hands through.

Keep Your Hands Free

Keep Your Hands Free when renovating home

Now, by this we mean free of things like grease and oil, as slippery hands can cause injuries. If you get your hands dirty, make sure you clean them straight away. Another way you can keep your hands and fingers safe if by removing any rings or jewellery while you work. This is because rings can get caught in machinery or on protruding objects and can do serious damage to you.

Although you should keep your hands free, it’s also important to have them protected at certain times. For example, when you’re picking up broken glass, nails and other sharp objects, including when sweeping up, you should always wear gloves.

According to PPE suppliers Milwaukee, 70% of workers who suffer from hand injuries are not wearing gloves. With a number of different ones serving different purposes on their website, for example impact and cut resistant, make sure you’re stocked up on the right equipment.

Regardless of whether you’re working alone or with a group of people in construction, keeping your hands and fingers safe is crucial.