Home Design Trends Across The United States

Angie’s List researchers analyzed 10 interior design hashtags and their 51,106 uses on Instagram and found what’s trending across the United States. According to the findings, California is the most interior design-obsessed state.

Of all the interior design hashtags chosen by Californian Instagram users, #midcenturymodern was selected the most. Instagram has made it unbelievably easy to track design trends across America. Here’s what the social media platform, with the help of Angie’s List researchers, revealed about popular interior trends throughout the U.S.

Coastal Living

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The most surprising find from the study may be that California’s top home design hashtag is not #coastalliving. The state that is considered the most “coastal” of all is not one of the 18 wherein this design trend reigns supreme.

Oregon, Florida, Alaska, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Maine, New Jersey and Hawaii are just some of the states whose homes are over-represented with natural colors, seashell prints, plants, wicker, and anything else that reminds people of the beach.

#Coastalliving is by far the most popular home design trend in the country, according to the Instagram researchers.

Traditional Home

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The hashtag #traditionalhome, while not so popular on a national scale, trends in DC, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas — the last of which accounts for no small number. Texas trails only California and Florida for the most uses of interior design hashtags.

In fact, 40 percent of all such hashtags were posted by users from these states. So remodeling with traditional home décor in mind is truly bigger in Texas, as representatives of this Austin custom home builders firm can attest to.If a customer wants a traditional home, they want it to be fitted with a fireplace, chandelier, wood furnishings, fluffy furniture, and other elegant and organized décor.

Boho Décor/Cottage Style

Some types of home design are so unique that they trend only in a single state. #Bohodecor, for one, is the top interior design hashtag in North Dakota and nowhere else.

Boho is short for Bohemian, a décor style that corresponds with the lifestyle. Bohemian is defined by a freewheeling floorplan, artisanal infusion, eclectic furniture and international inspiration.

Another state-specific home design trend is #cottagestyle in Vermont, which likely needs no elaboration.

Thanks to Instagram, we now know what the most popular home design trends are in each state.

Coastal décor is popular in 18 states, which include Florida, Alaska and Oregon; traditional home décor is the top trend in five states, most notably Texas; and bohemian décor and cottage style are outliers that find acclaim in North Dakota and Vermont, respectively.

As researchers at Angie’s List discovered, it’s never been easier to track regional trends in home design.