Home Renovation Ideas

Lots of people grow bored with their home over time, and that may influence their decision to buy a new one. But they don’t have to! Home renovation is another great option for spicing up your living space. You can renovate your entire house, or only a single room, or even just the yard.

A good renovation project can leave you feeling more satisfied with your place and excited to come home at the end of the day. And the best thing about home renovation is that it’s much cheaper than buying a new house.

To spur your creativity, here are 5 great home renovation ideas that you could undertake today.

1. Create a Hidden Room

Who hasn’t imagined living somewhere with hidden doors and secret rooms? It’s one of those childhood fantasies that’s just as desirable today as it was back then. Believe it or not, it’s actually very doable when you renovate your home.

First, pick out the room in your home that you’d like to be “hidden.” Is it a guest bedroom? A closet? A walk-in pantry? Pick a room and remove the door— the easiest part is done.

Now you’ll have to create a new door that can pose as a room fixture. What’s the disguise going to be? A bookshelf? A cabinet? A wall? A mirror? You’ll take that item and turn it into a door by installing hinges on the back side. If you’re using a heavier piece of furniture, like a bookshelf, you’ll probably have to attach a durable floor hinge for extra support.

If you’re doing a home renovation that involves tearing down walls or building new ones, you’ll have an easier time making a hidden door because you’ll be able to size the doorframe to whatever your masking object is going to be.

2. Air Out Your Home with Accordion Windows

If you have a home in a city that frequently sees beautiful weather, you’ve probably caught yourself wishing that you could slide open the doors and let in the sunlight and natural air. Well why not? Replace your existing windows with accordion windows so you can open your home to nature!’

Accordion windows are windows that can fold in like an accordion—when you fold them away, it feels as if you’ve actually removed the window from the building. Accordion windows provide your home with a much airier feel, and they’re lovely on summer evenings when you’re okay with the weather seeping into the house. Accordion windows can replace existing windows of any size, from small kitchen windows to full-sized sliding glass doors.

Installing new windows is definitely one of the more intensive home renovation projects, and it’ll require contractor help. Thankfully, there are home renovation financing options available for these kinds of projects, like Benji home renovation financing.

3. New Landscaping

Many lovely homes are ruined by poor landscaping. If you’re unhappy with the way your yard looks, you might consider doing a landscaping renovation. Unlike renovating the interior of a house, there are no walls and structures to limit you when you’re redoing the outdoors. Your creativity is bound only by the perimeter of the yard.

Here’s your chance to install a pool or a hot tub in the backyard. Build a beautiful stone or wood path that winds through the yard, and line it with solar path lights. If you live in a hot climate where it costs a fortune to water your grass, replace your grass entirely with either desert landscaping or turf. Build a deck where you can put an awning and other patio furniture. Aim to make your home’s outdoor space as cozy as the indoor space.


4. Turn Your Home into a Library

Renovate your home so that it’s more accommodating for all your books. If you’re going to be stripping down walls, consider incorporating a beautiful built-in bookshelf into the new wall. There are plenty of high-quality freestanding bookshelves that you can buy, but nothing matches the enlightened aesthetic that a built-in shelf provides. Built-in bookshelves are also more space-efficient than freestanding ones.

You can also incorporate a cozy reading nook. Have a reading nook built into the wall, or have a platform reading nook built in a corner (just an elevated platform with a sturdy mattress on top). Be sure to adorn with pillows!

5. Create Stairway Storage

You can always make better usage of your stairs by having storage spaces built into them or under them. Common stairway renovations include having pull-out shelves built into the side of the stairs. Other renovations have seen the underside of the stairway turned into a ceiling bookshelf. If you have a cupboard under the stairs, why not turn it into a small reading nook or a personal apartment for your dog or cat?

Any of these renovations are sure to inject some new pizazz into your home. But these renovations ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re totally reconfiguring your home or just giving it a makeover, a home renovation will make you fall in love with your living space once again.