How to Create an Awesome Games Room

People have spent more time in their homes over the last few years than ever before, and it has also meant that they’ve spent more money on home improvements than ever before. 

Fortune Magazine reports that many have invested money into their outdoor spaces, which have become the main place people gather safely, but plenty of other Americans have spent that money creating a games room for when friends and family do come over.

A games room can be just about anything you want, depending on the kind of gaming you like to play.

Lighting will always play an important part in how a room works, so we have ‘17 Living Room Lighting Ideas’ for you to check out.

You could go all-in for card games with friends with a top-of-the-line table and chairs set-up, or you could make video games the focus with a selection of consoles and TVs for friends to choose from.

There are plenty of board games beyond just Monopoly and Clue that can keep your guests entertained, with Paste Magazine giving some top choices for your collection.

If you’re interested in turning your spare room into a gamer’s paradise, here are a couple of top tips to make sure you have the best space possible for gaming.

Gaming Table

Whether you’re playing poker, board games, or tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll need plenty of table space.

Poker can be played with up to eight players who all need space so that no one can see their cards and for their chips.

If playing a game like Texas Hold‘em, space becomes even more stretched as there are five community cards in the center of the table as well.

Likewise, many board games need lots of space for different pieces and a playing area that can be several feet long.

So how big should your gaming table be? Depends on the space you have available. You should invest in a table that is as large as your space can safely and comfortably accommodate, with space around it for chairs and to walk around.

Add a Refreshments Station

If you are going to be in your games room for hours at a time, your guests are going to get hungry or thirsty.

The simple solution is to have a fridge in the room, but if you want to go that extra mile and have the space, you can build a full bar, complete with cocktail mixing equipment and bar snacks.

Taking a break from playing cards or video games is that much sweeter when you can get quality drinks and food.

It is the best way to make sure that your guests come back over and over again, so long as you can keep it stocked!

Go All-In with Seating

Even if your game of choice is ping-pong or pool, your guests will need to sit down from time to time. Having comfortable seats will keep everyone happy and comfortable throughout the day.

If your main attraction is the game table, make sure that the chairs fit around the space comfortably, allowing players to move and stand when necessary.

If you are focusing more on video games, invest in a couch that can fold out or recline while still having enough seating for everyone to be well spaced out.

Cup holders are never a bad idea either to keep drinks off the table or from getting kicked over on the floor.