How to Enhance Your Garden’s Beauty with Existing Trees & Shrubs

A report by Arborist News revealed that a good tree cover increases property value by approximately 7% in residential areas and about 18% in building lots, according to BrightView. Planting trees is rewarding and a sustainable way to reduce carbon footprint in the environment.

However, incorporating them into your garden is not easy. You will have concerns regarding the available space, and of course management and care. Fortunately, there are simple landscaping ideas for beautiful garden designs you can seek inspiration to help you landscape with trees.

Prioritize Tree Management and Care

Trees add a beautiful blend of shade, natural feel, visual interest, and privacy in your home. For these reasons, it is essential to learn more about tree care tips for your garden. Some essential tree management hacks are easy to handle on your own. For example, most trees thrive well without human intervention.

All you need to do is avoid construction work around them, parking, and fertilizing. Other trees will require regular mulching, trimming, and irrigation. In most cases, though, you will need the services of an arborist.

According to Rich’s Portland tree service, some tree species have shallow root systems and are vulnerable to pests and diseases, making them prone to failure. Working with someone who has in-depth knowledge about tree care management is valuable. Professionals will guide you on how to identify tree diseases, recommend treatment, offer trimming services, and select the right trees suited for your garden. If a tree poses risks, an arborist will provide expert removal services to prevent accidents.

Landscape under Trees

Landscaping around trees is the best way to make them and what they shade attractive. Ideally, creating a small patch of garden around and in between trees enhances curb appeal. But in places grass or flowers won’t grow, consider hard-scaping using pavers, wood chips, gravel, and mulch. If you have large trees in the garden, there are unique landscape design ideas you can incorporate to make them focal points. You may build a deck, place a park bench, add a birdhouse, and surround the space with flowers.

Maintaining attractive trees in the garden presents a set of challenges. Tree size, irrigation, space, and amount of shade are aspects you have to consider when landscaping with trees. Nonetheless, you can create a beautiful garden if you prioritize professional tree care and landscaping. Make use of sandstones for borders, plants, and flowers for the bare space or raise a deck around large trees.

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