How to Keep Your Trees Healthy and Strong

Expertly landscaping a property especially with trees can increase property values by as much as 20%. Trees are wonderful additions to a garden or a backyard. They provide shade, beautifies an area, and enhances the appeal of your property. However, they need to be looked after to encourage healthy growth. Without proper care and management, your tree will not thrive and they can also become sources of hazards and accidents.

Basic Care Practices

Once trees are established, there’s no need to do anything much more than standard care. However, growing trees should be fertilized regularly throughout the year. Nitrogen-based fertilizer work best with trees that were planted in the last 3-4 years. It should be applied in early spring and during summer months.

Mature trees do not really need fertilizers as they are already established and can fend for themselves. The rooting system is already well entrenched in the soil, they get water underground and from the rain.  You do need to remove dead branches and trim them regularly to avoid rubbing branches. Mulch applying 1-4 inches of wood chips or shredded bark layers to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and even protect it from lawn mowers.

Disease Control and Tree Removal

Although your trees do not require a lot of attention, it is recommended to keep a watchful eye over them. Note that many diseases are specific to certain species so if your tree is prone to one, check the symptoms using a reference book or consult a certified arborist. If a tree is sick or dying, it might need to be removed. However, before uprooting a tree, check your tree protection ordinance to make sure you are complying with the law.

The general rule is that if you need a ladder to reach and remove branches and limbs, then the tree is too big for you to take down safely. You can fall and get hurt, lose control and knock a chainsaw out of your hands.

In addition, you might even damage your home and other nearby structures if you cannot predict where it will fall. Plus, trees are very heavy and you would not be able to tow it yourself using your truck. To illustrate, an 80-foot oak tree can weigh more than 4 tons while towing capacities of trucks are usually between 7,000-35,000 pounds. Hence, it is advisable to pay for professional tree removal services rather than pay hefty sums for damages.

Trees offer many benefits to a property and homeowners. They beautify the land, provide cooling shade, and even raise the value of a property. But they also need care and management to promote healthy growth, increase their value, and prevent costly problems.