How to Create Your Ideal Home Office

Whether you’re working for yourself, staying safe from COVID or utilizing your company’s flexible working policy in the future, you’re likely to need a good home office setup. Temporary arrangements can only last so long before hampering your productivity and mood.

There’s lots to like if you can get it right too, with 65% of Brits saying they’re more productive at home, while almost 90% believe it cuts their costs. Many also report feeling happier due to having more spare time available.

The perfect home office is unlikely to come cheap, of course, so you may need to explore your financial options accordingly. But with a rough budget in mind, read our quick guide to creating a home office to learn how you can reap the benefits of remote working.

Carve Out a Designated Space

Carve Out a Designated Space

In an ideal world you’ll have a dedicated study to lock yourself away in and get in the zone. Failing that, can you convert a spare room or make it multifunctional?

If the answer is no, all is not lost. You can easily get set up in your living room, kitchen or even your hallway. What matters most is that you create a space that’s out of the way of everyone else and vice versa, with your routines blending as little as possible.

Get Comfortable

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Making do with a rigid dining chair or awkward table could cause you serious physical issues over time, so put an office chair and a desk at the top of your shopping list.

You should aim to be sat at a comfortable height for the bulk of your work, whether that’s typing, taking calls or even drawing. If your budget can accommodate an adjustable standing desk, you’ll be able to switch up your stance throughout the day.

Invest in Tech

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There are various bits of tech that will make your new working day as smooth as possible.

A reliable internet connection is likely to be the most important of all, especially if you rely on video calls or online file sharing platforms. A good headset will improve sound quality and block out disruption, meanwhile.

You may want to invest in a second monitor if all you have otherwise is a tiny laptop screen. A mouse and keyboard will also make you better equipped in this case.

Add Personal Touches

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With all the practical considerations taken care of, all that’s left to do is add the touches that create a space you’ll want to return to. Are there any decorations that could make your heart grow fonder of your new workspace?

Possible accessories could include personal photos, houseplants and candles. Desk organizers and even light boxes can also come in handy depending on your profession and personality.

Have you now got a vision of your ideal home office in mind?