4 Extraordinary Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Day

Do you want to make a big change to your kitchen? Instead of doing some heavy renovation, you can focus on kitchen lighting ideas.

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It is so easy to do and so economist. Look how a good and right lighting can lead to a big change. A wonderful lighting can give different looks and make your kitchen seems fresher.

You don’t need to do lots of heavy renovation and it is also cheap in the budget. This idea is good for you who don’t want to pay too much for remodeling your kitchen.

So, are you ready to have a new-look kitchen? If you’re ready to boost your own mood in your kitchen, these are the best kitchen lighting ideas for you.

1. The Antique Chandelier


If you see the picture of the luxurious middle age kitchens, you will see that the candles are used as the lighting, since the light bulb hasn’t been founded in that time.

You can still apply that traditional style in your modern kitchen. Use the chandelier made from natural wood as the fixture and you will find that your kitchen looks more lavish than it should be. How about the lighting?

No, modern life doesn’t apply candles on it, but you can change it with the lamps that look like a candle.

2. Let The Disco Begins


How about turning a kitchen into a more playful room? If you have the teenage soul and want your house to be forever young, then you will love this lighting idea.

The fixture comes with the shape of silver orbs, look like the disco balls. Not only charming, here are the reasons why this lighting is one of the best small kitchen ideas:

  • This simple fixture theme will make your kitchen more spacious.
  • These silver orb fixtures also easy to be found and quite cheap.
  • Can be combined with any kitchen themes.

3. The Dandelion Steel


Dandelion is one of the unique flowers in the world. The shape of the dandelion is also quite sweet and edgy.

Imagine that this shape is adapted into a fixture, that will be so artsy and can make your kitchen turns into something edgy.

You can see that on this dandelion fixture made from steel. Steel is strong but can be fashionable when it is formed into something beautiful like Dandelion flower. And imagine how wonderful is that seeing the light spreads up just like the dandelion petals.

4. A Lamp Cage


Not only birds that can be placed in the cage. The lamps also can be placed there. And guess what, turn out it is such a good idea. It makes the regular LED lamps become magnificent and edgy.

As one of the small kitchen ideas, this one is very good. If you have a small kitchen, this lighting will make your room shinier and more spacious.

These fixtures are also easy to find and quite an economist. You will be amazed at how it can change your boring kitchen dramatically.

Before choosing the best kitchen lighting ideas, don’t forget to match those with your kitchen’s theme. Make sure that you have chosen the suitable fixtures that can blend well with the other kitchen decorations and pieces of furniture.