4 Landscaping Ideas That Make a Big Statement

Have you always thought your garden could use some oomph factor? Not just the simple rearrangement of plants but something that could make a big statement? It does not have to be astronomical to cover your entire front yard but just enough to provide a character to your home.

The internet can offer a vast number of landscaping ideas for you. But if you don’t want to be overwhelmed, we give you 5 achievable ones so you can get started right away. And before you know it, you already have an oasis in your own home.

1. Set up Vertical Gardens

If you have always wanted a garden but are limited by your limited outdoor space, you should consider setting up a vertical garden. Vertical gardens allow you to make the most out of vertical space.

You will not only be able to have the home garden of your dreams, but you can also create one that will add character and boost your home’s curbside appeal.

You can curate a vertical garden with the plants of your choice.There are a wide assortment of plants that go well with vertical gardens. Such plants range from succulents and ferns to herbs and vegetables.

2. Consider Layered Landscaping

You may have the best variety of foliage in your garden, but if these are all over the place, it will still not make a statement. One of the ways you can get started in organizing your plants is by following this simple order:

  • 1st or Base Layer: Annuals, Bulbs, Herbs
  • 2nd Layer: Vines, Groundcovers
  • 3rd Layer: Plants, Flowers, Grasses
  • 4th Layer: Shrubs
  • 5th Layer: Trees

Start with the topmost structure, the 5th layer, and work down to the base layer. You can start with evergreen trees for sale in Brampton for the topmost structure. If you cover all the layers, your garden will look well-put-together. Even if you have a small space, your layered landscape will surely make an eye-catching statement.

3. Install Outdoor Lighting

Add outdoor lighting for your Toronto property to have an aesthetic but functional landscape. Lighting fixtures can easily add texture to a landscape and drastically change the entire look and feel of your home.

There are also many lights or landscape lighting techniques you can install. These include:

  • floodlighting.
  • grazing
  • highlighting
  • moonlighting
  • shadowing
  • silhouetting
  • spotlighting

Lights do not only improve the aesthetic aspect of your landscape, but they can also be functional. For instance, you have a pool, but you don’t have the right lighting fixtures. If you decide to take a dip at night, you are prone to slips and falls since it would be too dark to see.

4. Make Improvements

Are you low on budget, but you already have trees and other greens on your property? Make the most out of what you already have by making minor improvements that will eventually significantly impact your landscape. A simple tree pruning in your Richmond Hill property can make a huge difference.

If the DIY route is not for you, you can opt to hire a local landscaping services provider. You can not only improve or enhance your garden, but you can also enlist them for landscape care and maintenance services.

Other than planting trees and plants, they can also help you design a portion or even the entirety of your landscape plan. They can also install lighting fixtures, put up fences, construct walkways and walls, and many more.

No outdoor space is too small, too big, or too empty for these landscaping ideas. Follow these tips so you can have a satisfying landscape makeover!