Most Common Garage Door Problems

Your garage door is probably one of those things you don’t pay too much attention to, but you definitely have a problem on your hands once they stop working properly!

The reason for this can be almost anything, ranging from simple fixes to problems so big you have to contact a garage door company to come and fix it. 

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common garage problems that could be coming your way!

Electronics Aren’t Working

This can apply to the opener switch, the keypad and your remote control. It’s entirely possible for either one of those to stop working with no obvious reason.

The good news is – it’s most likely a simple problem. Both the keypad and the remote control are most likely powered by batteries, so the quickest fix would be replacing those batteries.

However, the problem can also be something more difficult to solve, like broken sensors or your system succumbing to wear and tear. 

When it comes to the opener switch – if you strike it and the garage door won’t open – you’re most likely looking at a locked garage door. However, it’s possible that there’s a power outage or a problem with the internal system.

A general rule of thumb is: if it isn’t something simple that you can fix on your own – call an expert.

Garage Door Isn’t Opening Evenly

This problem is actually one of the more simple ones, as you can fix it on your own if you know what you’re doing. The garage door system uses already set limits to control the door when they’re closing and opening.

The most likely reason your garage door isn’t opening evenly is because the limits aren’t appropriate for your garage. You can fix this on your own, as the limits are set in the motor, but make sure to read the manual first.

The limits are also important when it comes to another problem – the door not moving despite the motor running. It’s possible for you to start the motor, but for the door to remain in place without budging.

You’ll notice that the motor keeps running even after the door stops moving if this is the case. This happens because the limits aren’t set and the motor “thinks” that it has to keep moving the door.

Frozen Garage Door

It’s completely possible for your garage door to freeze and to stop moving completely. Now, depending on the degree of freezing, you might be able to open your door as soon as you press the button, but it’s also possible for it to be completely stuck to the ground! If this happens, don’t just continue pressing the button.

Instead, find a way to warm up the frozen part of the door and melt the ice. Use a lot of different de-icing tools you can find in a convenience store, but you can also use a heat gun or boiled water! 

The best way to prevent this from happening to your door again is by keeping that area dry, not allowing it to freeze!

Loud Garage Door

There’s a plethora of reasons behind the loudness of your garage door! The most likely reason, however, is the lack of lubrication. Maintenance is needed for your garage door, just the way you need it for your car.

However, loud noises could also be pointing to a problem with the hardware. Your garage door uses springs, rollers and bearings to make the door function properly.

With time, either one of these can get overused and need replacing! So, if you hear a lot of clanging and rattling, it’s likely that some of these pieces need changing.

If it’s a minor part of hardware, you might be able to change it on your own, but it’s best to call a professional and let them take care of it.


The best way to make sure that you only have to call the professionals rarely is by taking good care of your garage door. This means that you have to lubricate your garage door system often – once every change of season – and it’s also important to keep your garage door clean.

It’s possible for a lot of dirt to get stuck in the system, and this can not only prevent your door from working properly, but also damage the system.

Additionally, it’d be smart to tighten the hardware few months – it’s normal for the nuts and the bolts to get a little bit loose, and they’ll definitely work better if you tighten them.