4 Most Frequent Air Conditioning Problems Homeowners Face

Come summer, and air conditioners become the main topic of discussion in every house in the US and the world. People rely on these fantastic appliances for cool air as a respite from the scorching summer heat.

Some folks use air conditioners all year round, regardless of what the weather is like. That’s how dependent the worldwide population has become on these cooling devices.

Often, people end up typing “why is my AC not as cold” in the search bar or their mobiles or laptops. You might do it too if your air conditioning unit is acting up.

There may be various causes why this is happening. If your air conditioner isn’t working correctly, it could be facing one or more of the following issues.

Water leak

When you see water leaking from your indoor AC unit, it is an indication that its maintenance is long overdue. There are several possible reasons this occurs.

One of them is that the unit’s condensate drain is clogged due to algae or fungi, causing water to come back up the pipe and into your home.

Another reason could be that the condensate pump may be entirely broken and needs repair or replacement.

Remember that water may leak from the AC outdoors as well, forming a puddle exactly underneath the compressor.

Possible reasons for this include improper installation, broken condensate pan, a dry air filter, etc.

Too much noise

If your AC unit starts making strange noises suddenly, it is an instant red flag indicating that something is off. You may hear grinding noises, weird squealing, and even vibrations, indicating that the air conditioner needs immediate fixing.

Squealing sounds are generally due to a worn-out or poorly aligned belt. But if you hear grinding noises, the issue may be more severe as it suggests problems in the motor bearings.

Not Enough Cool Air

Almost eighty-seven percent of all households in the US use some form of air conditioning. But when AC units refuse to give out cool enough air, it can indicate that something is wrong with the system.

This kind of issue may appear in two distinct ways. One is where you may hear the AC running, but no air comes out. The second is where there is air coming from the unit, but it isn’t cool.

Common causes include a tripped circuit breaker, worn-out blower belt, low refrigerant levels or leaks, and a faulty thermostat.

It is imperative to get a professional to address the issue if you want it sorted immediately and effectively.

Foul Smell

A burning smell, musty odors, and other unpleasant smells from the vent are apparent indications that your AC unit needs to be checked for issues. Electrical odors commonly occur due to wiring problems.

Clogged air filters may cause the system to overheat and cause burning smells. Mildew and damp smells are indicators of improper drainage.

What you should do

There is little sense in wondering, “why is my AC not as cold” and trying to figure out a solution on your own. Instead, it is better to contact a reliable HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) expert if your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly.

They are highly professional, qualified with extensive knowledge of the equipment. Besides assisting in installation, repairs, and replacement services, they can make regular checks of the equipment in your home and monitor its effectiveness.