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Practical Designs for Small Spaces

Designing and decorating a space has its fair share of challenges, how much more when you have to deal with a limited area? It requires a good measure of creativity and cleverness to make the most of the space that you have.

It might be quite a challenging thing to accomplish, but it’s never impossible. As a matter of fact, small spaces are some of the most interesting things there are. To find tips on how to make use of your small space and make it stylish, keep on reading. 

How To Maximise Small Spaces 

Install Mirrors

Installing floor-length mirrors in a small space helps create an illusion of a bigger, wider, and more open space – given that there is proper lighting.

This is a clever trick if you want to make your space look like it can accommodate twice its actual capacity. A well-placed mirror can provide a practical solution to almost any design predicament. 

Some mirror placements you can try to improve the look of your small space are as follows: 

  1. A large floor-length mirror behind furniture
  2. A mirror behind a lamp or any source of light
  3. A mirror wall

Choose a Neutral-rich Color Palette  

Neutral colors are on-trend in recent years. But apart from statistics, neutral colors actually give off aesthetic benefits on a different level.

Natural colors blend perfectly with natural lighting – the combination gives off a pleasant vibe and appearance that makes everyone feel comfortable, welcome, and refreshed.

In choosing the main color scheme, make sure to select a simple, subtle one but do not be afraid to add some textures and patterns that still go along with the theme. 


Wall-mounted Furniture

The ultimate goal is to save space while keeping things functional. Attaching furniture to the walls helps save a lot of space.

Wall-mounted desks, shelves, and cabinets are practical options to fill the room with usable tools without taking up too much space. This technique also helps add personality to the room while also making it interesting. 


Less is More

A busy room – a room that has too many things going on – may seem and feel more cluttered than one that has fewer pieces around.

The latter also has a better impact since your attention is not caught by too many things. Lesser stuff and bigger furniture will create an illusion of a bigger and more organized space.   

Utilize The Space Under the Stairs

Maximizing the space can be an enjoyable thing to work out. The satisfaction of transforming a small space can be therapeutic. Another thing you can do to make the most of the limited space you have is to create storage under the stairs.

Or, you can build a small study/workspace in there with a fitted table and a chair. Make sure it’s able to fit a computer or a few books.

Then, install a few floating shelves overhead where you can store spare books and other items. This can be a perfect spot for you or your kids to work on homework and some important tasks. 

Minimalist Decor 

Although trying to only add a few practical things, it’s still a cool idea to decorate the space and make it look more alive. Saving up space should not limit you from decorating and making the room attractive where you can be yourself whenever you’re in it.

An example of minimalist decors you can display on your wall is wall arts and photo prints. For plenty of minimalist decor ideas, head on to Elephanstock.com and check out their helpful tips. They provide so many excellent choices for photo prints that spark creativity among DIY enthusiasts to kickstart their home makeover projects.


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