25 Incredible Rustic Living Room Design Ideas to Touch Up your House

A rustic living room will give a feeling of simplicity and modesty. Your guest and family member will have that nostalgic feeling when you live in a village or suburban areas. When a rustic theme is applied to your living room, you have to pay attention to which furniture you should choose.

The key for a rustic themed decor is to balance rough material and comfort. A lot of rustic themed house has a lot of exposed corners. This will make classical decor and furniture is a great fit for your rustic living room. Here are some recommended design and decoration for your living room and other rooms.

Using an oak bookcase for a rustic feel

Oak bookcase is a great decoration for your living room. It will give the rustic feeling especially if the color of the oak is natural. You don’t have to re-paint or re-color the bookcase to make it stay as it is. A bit of scratch is okay as long as the bookcase looks good and functional.

People who come to your living room will notice the oak bookcase because of its natural color. You also have to pay attention about where to put the bookcase. Having your bookcase shine with a help of the sun is a great choice.

Utilizing low beams

The height of your beams can determine the overall feeling of your living room. Low beams are essential for a rustic-themed living room.

This will create a cozy and homey feeling because the roof feels so close to you. After you install the low beams to your living room, all you have to do is to search a matching furniture for a rustic living room

Using a wood panel on your living room  


Wood panel is a great installation for a rustic living room. The wood panel picture the roughness of your house, which is the essence of a rustic-themed room. From there, you can further enhance the rustic feeling by using living room lighting ideas.

If you want to have big lights, you have to compromise with the height of your room and the size of other furniture. You can either fully cover all walls on your living room with a wood panel or you can choose one side to be installed with a wood paneled wall.

Using a stone fireplace

Installing a stone fireplace in your living room will enhance the rustic feeling. You can complement it with living room wallpaper ideas such as stone or masonry wallpaper. Pay attention to the color of your stone living room, then match the wallpaper with it.

Also, the size of your stone fireplace should be bigger compared to other furniture in your living room, if you want it as the main focus of the room.

Compliment your rustic living room with wooden bedroom and bathroom

If you want your home to be eccentric, then you can use oak shelving that extends from your living room into your bathroom. As mentioned before, the natural color of oak is a great element for a rustic home. Then you can panel one side of our bathroom appropriate furniture to extend its rustic feeling.

You can also apply a wooden wall and floor in your bedroom so it will complement your rustic living room. Untreated wood and chunky knits can be used in your bedroom so the rustic feeling will pop out. Then you can decorate it with rustic decoration such as a fancy fake fur on the floor.

Upgrading your lodge into a rustic one

Having a lodge in your house is always nice. If you want your lodge to compliment your rustic living room, then you can add a wood burner to add a rough impression yet natural and cozy.

You don’t have to use a big space to install a wood burner so you can add more furniture that suits the overall theme of your room. Make sure that the lodge is easy to access.

Give your kitchen a rustic feeling

The combination of wood on your living room and stone on our kitchen will create a strong rustic impression to everyone who sees it. Brown and its gradation is a great color for your kitchen.

Make sure that the color of your kitchen mix well with your living room so you won’t have to feel out of place every time you move from living room to kitchen and vice versa. The choice of cabinets and counters is important if you want your kitchen to have a rustic feel.

Use the wood panel on your hallway

Wood, wood, and wood, you can use the wood panel on your hallway so it will match with your rustic living room and other rooms.

A hallway is a part of your house that connects rooms, so make sure that you put good furniture and decoration so the transition between rooms on your house looks amazing. You can add classic paintings or pictures hanging along the hallway.

Try to install an exposed living room

If you want to have an exposed living room instead of the standard one, make sure that you pay attention to the entire layout of your house. An exposed living room should have a generous amount of sunlight so you have to position it towards the sun or at least have enough exposure of sunlight.

Also, you have to make sure that the wood construction on the top of the room is sturdy because many exposed living room has no ceiling installed.

Decorate your dining room with whitewashed walls and wood

The combination of a whitewashed wall and wood flooring on your dining room is a great compliment to your rustic living room. You can either let the dining room adjoin the living room or you can separate the two rooms with a hallway.

A whitewashed wall will give a clean impression and the wood element will give a rough element similar to your rustic living room. The contrast between the whitewashed walls and exposed wood on your dining room will create a harmony with a rustic living room.

Declaimer images source all of the above images are selected from the best images on pinterest.com about rustic living room ideas.