35 Amazing Sidewalk Ideas Design & Inspirations

Beautiful and elegant yard completed with a pretty sidewalk can be an additional aesthetic value of a house. The sidewalk is able to make the yard looks neater.

The householders and the guests can also comfortably walk in the yard without getting worried about damaging the grass, plants, and flowers there. A sidewalk can be designed in various shapes and using various materials. For you who are looking for the sidewalk ideas, here they are.

Ideas & Inspirations of Sidewalk

Wooden Board Sidewalk

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One of the sidewalks which is preferred by many people is a wooden board sidewalk. The wooden board itself can be designed with various forms such as being arranged and elevated like a wooden bridge or combined with other soil materials.


The wood material will bring a warm touch and aesthetic color to the area of a yard. Its appearance can also add an elegant impression.

Decorative Sidewalk


The garden stones with particular colors and sizes can be arranged until it becomes a specific pattern. A decorative sidewalk is able to make your yard prettier.

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Of course, the details of the decorative sidewalk can be an artsy masterpiece to the landscape of the yard. If you get a lot of creativity, you can try this one of sidewalk and walkway ideas.

Logs Sidewalk

The cut round logs can be used as a material for a sidewalk. This kind of sidewalk has a very natural touch which is really suitable to be applied in a yard.


You can add the white corals or garden stones around the logs in order to make the natural wood colors more lively and sharpen the other colors. This one of sidewalk ideas is really attractive to be applied in the yard of your house.

Grass Sidewalk

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The grass in the yard itself is also able to be used as the material for a sidewalk. But you have to differentiate the grass color for the sidewalk with the one for the yard.


Or you are able to create a boundary on the sides of the grass sidewalk in order to define which grass can be stepped on which one cannot.

Japanese Sidewalk

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You are able to create a Japanese-themed yard by installing a curved wooden board that looks like a bridge as the sidewalk in your yard.

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Under the wooden bridge, you can add the river stones in order to make a flowing water impression. This stone sidewalk and stone walkway ideas will bring an aesthetic value to your yard.

Materials Used for A Sidewalk

Stone Slabs

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A stone slab is very good and unique to be used as a sidewalk in a landscape with a sloping topography. This material is resistant to the weather changes and the installment is quite easy. A sidewalk made from the stone slabs will complete the natural theme of the yard.

Gravel and Coral


If you think that using just one material for a sidewalk will be boring, you can combine 2 materials such as gravel and coral. These 2 materials have a quite similar appearance, but the surface of a coral is rough.


Moreover, the coral material is available in several colors while the gravel is only available in grey color. The combination of gravel and coral with different sizes and colors will erase a monotone look.

Irregular Sized Natural Stones


Using the natural stones such as granite, river stone, and many more with various different sizes, shapes, and colors will make an elegant and unique sidewalk for your yard. You can use the colorful flowers in your yard as the boundary of this kind of sidewalk.


The beauty of the colorful flowers will add the charm of the sidewalk and create a natural atmosphere.


The yellowish-white color appearance of the sandstone will brighten your yard. This material will create a harmonious contrast with the green color of the grass in the yard. Sandstone sidewalk is a perfect choice for you who want to bring a beach atmosphere to the yard of your house.



Who says that you can only use the natural materials to make a sidewalk? You can also use an industrial technology product such as cement. This material is indeed can prettily combine with the natural elements in the yard.


Various patterns and sizes can be designed as you wish. The dark grey color of the cement will show a harmony with the green leaves and grass.

The Benefits of Having A Sidewalk


A sidewalk in a yard has a function to protect the plants especially the grass from any damage because being stepped on. It also functions to reduce the water splashes when it is a rainy season which makes the walls of a house become dirty.


To optimize this function, it will be better if you make a sidewalk right under the fall of the raindrops. And of course, a sidewalk is able to make your yard looks more beautiful.

Tips for DIY Creating A Sidewalk

  1. If the theme of your yard is tropical or traditional, then create a sidewalk that has a lot of curves. The purpose of this shape is to make a non-formal impression.
  2. For a tropical or traditional-themed yard, the suitable materials used for the sidewalk are the natural stones such as gravel, river stones, and granites.
  3. There are 2 models of a sidewalk, connected and separated. A connected sidewalk will make it easy for you to determine the pattern. Because the pattern will clearly be seen on a huge surface.
  4. A separated sidewalk will make it easy for you to arrange the stone materials. If the landscape of your yard does not change, you do not have to change the location of the stones. The treatment of this kind of sidewalk is also relatively easy.

Those are some sidewalk ideas and the information related to it. You should not be confused in looking for the materials for the sidewalk, because most of the materials are easy to find.

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