Signs of Roof Damage That Point to The Need for Roof Replacement

Age of the roof is one of the reasons to think about roof replacement even if there are not too many damages visible. The rainy season does maximum damage to roofs, just like snow and ice formation. Every roof has a designated life span. For example, asphalt shingles roof last for 20-30 years, and despite the best care and regardless of the roof condition, its replacement is necessary after that time. Metal roofs last longer or about 40-50 years, and the maximum life is available from tile and slate roof that can last for a century.

To ensure that the roof lasts its full life, you must inspect it periodically but still be ready to replace it if it reaches the end of life prematurely. Some visible signs of damage will tell you that it is time for roof replacement. Reading the signs of damage correctly should help to assess how much time you can get for replacing the roof by some reliable Bloomington roofing company.

Roof is leaking

broken sagging roof deck

Water accumulation and water seepage in and around the roof is a clear sign that the roof is leaking.  If you observe cracks and other damages around the flashing, then the chances of leakage are quite high. Moreover, the valley that directs rainwater into gutters is most vulnerable to leaks.  Repairing a few leaky spots might work well, but if the damage is extensive, then roof replacement is the only option.

Light passing through the roof

When you look up at the roof through the attic and find light rays passing through, no matter how faint it might be, it is an alarming sign because the damage is so deep that you must replace the roof immediately.

To start the process, consult a reliable roofing company experienced in roof repair and replacement to create an action plan.

Granular elements collected in gutters

dirt and dark shingles roof

Inspect the gutters regularly and keep it clean, but if you find lots of black granular particles collected in gutters, then it is a sign of wearing out of the shingles. Although a small amount of shingles erosion is natural, it will increase as the roof gets old.

If the accumulation of granules is considerable, it indicates bigger damage to the shingles, and fast roof replacement is the only way to address the problem.

Missing shingles

Massive wear and tear close to the roof openings and objects

After heavy rain and storm, there are chances of a few shingles being damaged or go missing even though shingles roofs can withstand the elements of weather to a good extent. If the incident happens, often it weakens the roof structure, and roof replacement becomes imminent.

Curled or buckled shingles

roof repairing

Sunlight damages shingles that can buckle or curl mostly along the roof slopes. Check long the slopes, and if you find some shingles bending or curling, it is a sign that roof has reached the end of life, and replacing it at the soonest is the only solution. Too many cracked shingles on the roof found during inspection points to roof replacement only.

How soon the replacement is to be done depends on the extent of the damage.