49+ Cool, Unique and Awesome Things to Do in Japan [Must Know!]

We’ve picked 50 spots and activities that you need to experience when you pertain to Japan. Please consult this short article and make your Japan trip much more delightful! here we go

Things To Do in Japan

1. Climb Mount Fuji [Shizuoka, Yamanashi]

things to do in yokohama japan

Mount Fuji that every person understands, exists as one of the popular icons of Japan. It is additionally a registered UNESCO Globe Heritage website. Just considering it is impressive however only those who climb it recognize the feeling of being moved emotionally. The moment duration for climbing is from July to the center of September.

2. Playing with the apes at Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama [Kyoto]

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There’s a location in Kyoto where you could have fun with wild monkeys. That area is Arashiyama Monkey Park. With 120 apes living there, you can feed them and also have fun with them. Apart from that, there are also wild birds and also deer so it’s perfect for pet enthusiasts.

3. Sing tracks at Karaoke

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These days there is “karaoke” all over the world but the high quality of Japan’s karaoke is above the rest. The efficiency of the machinery is a given and also the soundproofing of the karaoke box is much more created that exactly what you would certainly see anywhere else worldwide. There’s also a full schedule of English songs.

4. Trip the bullet train

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A train journey like no other: The shinkansen whisks people from one end of Japan to the other, and has actually been doing so given that 1964 at rates of as much as 186 miles per hour. It is the method to take a trip in Japan. With spotless autos and also comfy seats sporting ample legroom, not failing to remember the impeccable service (the conductors even bow on going into and leaving the vehicle), you won’t intend to get off. Admire the timekeeping, as well– your train will get to its location to the extremely 2nd– assured.

5. Experience the Otaku culture in Akihabara [Tokyo]

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Akihabara, Tokyo; the area that has come to be the spiritual place for “otaku” around the globe. Because it was originally created as an electric town, it’s the location to get the very best top quality Japanese electronic devices. The entire town overflows with an anime ambiance and is prominent amongst travelers.

6. Try pachinko

top ten things to do in japan

Pachinko is a video game where silver rounds are terminated from a gun and you try to obtain as several silver rounds as you could into certain ports. You could trade a fixed variety of silver balls for cash prizes. As a leisure activity that just exists in Japan, why do not you give it a shot (without investing way too much money).

7. Eat ramen

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Japanese ramen is no more just a selection of Chinese food, it has managed to accomplish its very own originality. You could consume a wide range of ramen all throughout Japan. If you go to a book shop, you will absolutely find ramen publications so be sure to examine it out prior to you see.

8. Have tea at maid coffee shop

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” House maid coffee shops” are stores where the clients are put in the function of the master of a home as well as the waitresses are the “maids” that offer them. The customers are called “Master” by the house maids. If you want to enjoy Japan’s “moe” culture, absolutely pay a browse through for some tea.

9. Take Purikura

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” Purikura” is a machine where you could take pictures of on your own as well as transform them into sticker labels. You can decorate the pictures and even take pictures in cosplay. Purikura came from Japan so why not take one as a ceremony of your journey?

10. Go to a Hanami

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From the end of March to April in Japan, the cherry blossoms flower as well as individuals go blossom watching (hanami) under the trees. A normal hanami is when you see the blossoms while drinking and eat together with your buddies. The cherry blooms at night are likewise lovely so seeing the flowers at night while having a beverage of alcohol is terrific.

11. Visit kabuki

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Kabuki is form of standard Japanese entertainment that has been signed up as a UNESCO social heritage art form. The kabuki which has actually been handed down from the Edo era till now deserves going to see. The showy appearance and also outrageous drama makes certain to please the target market.

12. Take an excursion to a castle

cool things to do in tokyo japan

When discussing impressive buildings in Japan, its castles are well-known even overseas. Even though numerous repair works have actually been carried out, today there are still lots of staying parts of the frameworks from over 400 years ago. In the photo is Himeji castle which is renowned for its beauty. On top of that, Nagoya castle as well as Osaka castle are likewise famous.

13. Take a photo at Itsukushima shrine [Hiroshima]

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Itsukushima shrine is a signed up UNESCO World Heritage website. The crimson body of the shrine which rises over the surface of the water is also stunning for words. Numerous tourists both from within the nation as well as abroad pertained to go to the shrine so if you take an image below you’ll make certain to create an impressive memory.

14. Wear a Kimono

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If you state Japan’s typical apparel then it’s a kimono. If you’re interested you can acquire one but there are likewise many areas throughout the country where you could experience putting on one yourself. In Kyoto there are many stores where you can rent bathrobe. Why do not you attempt wearing a robe as well as going sightseeing and tour around Japan?

15. Shop at Harajuku’s Takeshita Street [Tokyo]

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Popular amongst foreigners is “Takeshita Street” in Harajuku that is constantly bustling with crowds of individuals. There are fashion stores on both sides of the street in every hole. You can access it right from Harajuku station so it’s simple to go there.

16. Experience being a ninja

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If you assume Japan after that naturally you think of ninjas. “Ninja no Mori Akame Sijuhachitaki” in Mie prefecture is where you could experience being a ninja on your own. Obviously they will certainly likewise provide you the best garments. You can attempt ninja training and also have a satisfying time with other different destinations.

17. Experience soba making

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Soba is among Japan’s conventional foods. The sort of soba that you dip right into broth then is popular among foreigners also. You can attempt making and then eating that soba for yourself. There are many soba making workshops held throughout the country so absolutely examine to see if your traveling location has a place close by!

18. Overindulge on your own on food in Dotonbori [Osaka]

things to do in japan in november

The area around Osaka’s Dotonbori is well-known for being an area where you can “eat on your own from home as well as residence” At that well known road there are lots of delicious convenience food stalls that you’ll consume till you go down. You’ll likewise delight in the dynamic environment of Osaka.

19. Trip the Hakone Tozan Railway [Kanagawa, Hakone]

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Although this railroad was established in Japan, the Hakone Tozan Railway which climbs up Mount Hakone stands out from the rest by its captivating colour. It is various from the trains in urban areas as you could straight experience nature. Particularly the period from June to July when the hydrangeas remain in blossom and also both sides of the train are coloured by the hydrangeas.

20. Attempt Riding a Jampacked Train

things to do in japan with kids

Japan is prominent throughout the globe for its high ratio of blockage during heavy traffic. The trains at 7am are called “Manin-densha” (seriously stuffed train). Regarding Japan’s salarymen are worried, it’s just a daily event yet those that experience it for the very first time will most definitely be surprised.

21. Try drinking Shochu

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Japanese shochu has a polished preference and alcohol enthusiasts must definitely test themselves to a beverage. Made from active ingredients like rice, barley, potatoes etc. you could enjoy picking your recommended kind of shochu.

22. Try Alcohol Consumption Japanese Rice Wine (Purpose).

best things to do in japan in april

Japanese rice wine (sake or nihonshu) is a kind of alcohol created specifically in Japan. It is generally intoxicated bit by bit from a little glass cup called “ochoko”. It is used the raw materials of rice as well as a fermenting agent. When drunk together with sashimi, it will permit you to completely delight in a part of Japan’s culture.

23. View a Sumo Match

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Individuals frequently reject sumo as simply a number of fat individuals slapping each various other around, yet it’s so much even more than that. Accompany to a bout and absorb the electric ambience while indulging the splendor and ceremony. The wrestlers could be a bit on the tubby side, however the fact is that it’s mostly muscular tissue and they’re even more active than you may think of. You’ll rapidly find yourself engrossed and also cheering your guy till he obtains pushed out of the ring or blunders and bangs into the ground. When these men hit the ground, you ‘d better hold on to your seat as there’s a possibility it might sign up on the Richter scale.

24. Pray for tranquility at Hiroshima Tranquility Memorial Museum [Hiroshima]

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Japan is the only country worldwide to have an atomic bomb went down on it. One of the most devastated city was Hiroshima. Presently at the Tranquility Memorial Museum there are events of articles of the individuals that died and also images of Hiroshima just after the bombing. Individuals from around the world see to wish peace.

25. Go Shopping at the Corner Store

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Japan which is called one of the significant powers in the service sector also has premium quality convenience stores. The product administration is meticulous as well as there is a wide variety of items readily available. For those with convenience stores in their country, it will certainly interest contrast the ones in Japan.

26. Consume Sushi

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If there’s something you need to consume in Japan, it’s sushi. The inside of the shops overflow with a high class feeling and also right before your eyes, artisans mould the sushi into an unique item. Recently shops that offer wine have been raising so do examine prior to you check out the store.

27. Attempt going to a Love Hotel

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For fans who visit Japan, it would certainly excel to spend the evening at unique motels called “love hotels”. Many areas have features consisted of that uphold Japan’s meticulous attention to information and there are also love hotels where you could have a good time singing karaoke.


28. Play Video Games at a Game Facility

things to do in shinjuku japan

At Japanese video game centers you can take pleasure in several kinds of video games from token video games and also fighting games to crane video games. The crane games are extremely recommended. At the crane games, you can experience the enjoyment of winning a premium reward!

29. Eat Tempura

japan in february things to do

Tempura one of the regular dishes of Japan. When eaten together with the soba presented in # 17, it is extremely scrumptious yet we particularly advise tendon. Crispy tempura is put on top of steaming hot rice as well as along with the sweet taste of the sauce, it is so tasty.

30. Go Shopping at The 100 Yen Shop

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In Japan there are shops called “100 yen stores”. Inside the shop, you can buy anything without a price for 100 yen. The key to its popularity is the high quality. There are many points you could purchase for 100 yen so it’s recommended that you take your time and search about.

31. View Fireworks

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In Japan, one of things that remind you of the summer season is fireworks. At the huge range fireworks events, many countless fireworks are released into the skies. Lately, fireworks that are available in a selection of different forms like heart shapes are popular. Make certain to experience a Japanese summer!

32. Read Manga at a Manga Coffee Shop

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For those who comprehend Japanese, you must certainly pay a visit to a manga cafe. In an exclusive space here you could read as much manga as you like. You could likewise make use of the net and with lots of unknown vocabulary turning up you’ll be able to talk quickly!

33. Have a Samurai Experience

things to do in osaka japan

In Tochigi prefecture’s, “Nikko Edomura”, you could experience being a samurai. You course you additionally reach use an imitation katana, study points like the samurai spirit, the samurai way of life and also enjoy Japan’s society to your heart’s content.

34. Go to the Sapporo Snow Celebration [Hokkaido]

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Annually, over 2,000,000 travelers check out the Sapporo snow event which is a world-famous occasion. Hokkaido’s capital Sapporo becomes loaded with snow and ice sculptures. During the mid-day is nice, but during the night when the sculptures light up is absolutely excellent.

35. Go into a Hot Spring with Monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park [Nagano]

top things to do in kyoto japan

At “Jigokudani Monkey Park” somehow you can see monkeys in a warm spring. The 850 meter high valley is in the chilly northern area but it’s a monkey’s paradise. Via contact with the pets, it will definitely be an one-of-a-kind experience.

36. Most likely to the Momofuku Ando Immediate Ramen Gallery [Osaka]

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The Momofuku Ando Split second Ramen Gallery is a facility built to recognize the achievements of designer Momofuku Ando. A prominent corner is “My mug noodles manufacturing facility”. Below you can make your personal cup noodles simply for you.

37. Experience science at the Miraikan [Tokyo]

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The National Gallery of Arising Scientific research and also Development (Miraikan) presents reducing edge science and also technology in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s additionally a preferred place for foreigners that are interested in scientific research. You can additionally learn more about robots, medicine, area as well as much more.

38. Kick back at Kenrokuen [Ishikawa, Kanazawa]

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One of the three fantastic gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen is a massive park evocative the Edo period. The attractive landscapes expands and modifications according to the season as well as the flow of time is unwinded. You ought to come and also experience Japan’s fragile culture here.

39. Go to an actual izakaya

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At a Japanese izakaya (bar) you can drink alcohol of course, as well as it is just one of the most effective areas to eat with a big food selection. There are additionally specific preferences that you could only experience based upon the area that you remain in.

40. Experience sado (tea ceremony)

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Among Japan’s practices is the “tea event”. In an austere environment, the act of making the tea is executed, an uniqueness for foreigners. This environment is something that could just be felt in Japan and will definitely become a fantastic personal experience.

41. Experience zazen

top things to do in kyoto japan

In Buddhism, “zazen” (sitting cross-legged) is a zen training method for concentrating the mind. You can experience zazen at a Buddhist holy place as well as individuals attempting zazen for the first time can likewise take part. It is an occasion when you could separate on your own from life and also experience a part of Japanese culture.

42. Consume Wagyu

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” Wagyu” (Japanese beef) is a top course beef on the planet that takes time and also initiative to raise. Kinds like Kobe beef, Matsuzaka beef and Ohmi beef are quite famous. For eating wagyu in a very Japanese design, “sukiyaki” is suggested. The elegant taste of the soy sauce as well as sugar in the pot highlight the tasty preference of the beef.

43. Go to a Temples

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Temples in Japan overflow with a kind of beauty and question like nothing else countries. Popular with immigrants is the Fushimi Inari-taisha. The line of red archways referred to as “senbon torii” is a splendid sight.

44. Watch an Event

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Japan’s standard events have several amazing, enticing things. To name a few, a renowned one is Aomori’s “nebuta matsuri”. Making use of the paper called “nebuta”, huge art works are paraded via the community by means of vehicle. With 3 million people collecting, why do not you also attempt joining this large event?

45. See Skytree [Tokyo]

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Skytree is the globe’s highest radio wave tower with an elevation of 628.8 meters. From the seeing platform you can see the whole of Tokyo with one move of the eye At the “Solamachi” there, you could enjoy purchasing.

46. Feed Deer at Nara Park [Nara]

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A large attraction for immigrants at Nara park is that you could feed the deer. There are about 1200 of them. Todaiji as well as various other registered globe heritage temples are additionally located inside the large park.

47. See Kawachi Fuji Gardens [Fukuoka]

things to do in yokosuka japan

The charm of the wisteria (fuji) blooms is stated to succeed below at “Kawachi Fuji Gardens”. The splendor of the wisteria which reaches 1000 tsubos (regarding 3950 square backyards) will leave you lost for words. There is also a wisteria dome, a wisteria tunnel which fascinates spectators. You can see it from the end of April to the center of May.

48. See the factory night sight

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In recent years, the factory evening sight has come to be a boom in Japan. The lit up factories has an advanced appearance which appeal makes certain to surprise you. To name a few, we advise the night sight of the factory that started the boom, the Kawasaki city factory in Kanagawa prefecture.

49. Go to Asahiyama Zoo [Hokkaido]

cool things to do in tokyo japan

Asahiyama zoo is the zoo located the furthest north in Japan. As a result of remaining in the cool north district Hokkaido, it is popular as a zoo where you could see animals like penguins and seals. The penguins strolling around throughout the initial snowfall is popular as well as extremely charming.

50. Experience the Shuffle Crossway [Tokyo, Shibuya]

best things to do in japan in summer

The “shuffle crossway” is associated with the young people’s district, Shibuya. Every single time the traffic control turn environment-friendly a ridiculous variety of people cross the street, an icon of the megalopolis that is Tokyo. It’s a prominent place for travellers in Japan so why not go there as well as see at the very least when.

51. Attempt talking Japanese

things to do in tokyo japan guide

Go on, try. You’ll either obtain giggled from town or you’ll get a smile wider than the island of Shikoku (which’s an actually wide island), but a minimum of you’ll obtain a response. The Japanese love it when a foreigner attempts their terminology. The bottom line to keep in mind: Do not be afraid. Search in your expression publication and choose a question. Certain, you most likely won’t comprehend the answer they fire back, yet if you nod as well as smile after that they’ll think you comprehended as well as will possibly load just praise on your impressive language skills– however, obviously, you will not understand that that’s just what they’re claiming.

52. Bathe Nude with Your Friend

top 10 things to do in hokkaido japan

Going on a trip to Japan and also showering in your resort space rather than hosing on your own down in an onsen would certainly be like going to China and also forgoing Peking duck for a burger as well as french fries. For several tourists, the most significant hurdle is the obtaining nude point. Rest assured, it’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Your fellow bathers are not curious about your items; they’re simply there to unwind, and that’s what you should be there for too. So take a deep breath, delve into your birthday celebration fit and also go to the bathrooms. Every one is generally a various temperature level, so it’s ideal to dip your toe in before completely submersing on your own in a swimming pool full of water just except steaming.

I thinks that’s all that all things to do in Japan.