27 What to See and Wonderful Things to Do in Malibu, Southern California

THINGS TO DO IN MALIBU – The southern side of California is magical. There lies Malibu. It is the perfect place for romance. Its luxurious installations make it spectacular and beautiful. No wonder why this is the preferred home for people who could choose any place in the world to live.

Things to Do in Malibu

There are hundreds of miles of sandy beaches with the most beautiful landscapes. The pacific sea in California can be inspiring. There are also sites suitable for surfing. You can engage on fishing and even big shopping malls. Next we will suggest you 27 wonderful things you can do if you go to Malibu in California.

1. Spend a Day at the Zuma Beach

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There are so many things to do at the Zuma Beach that a day will seem short. To get there, you can take the East Pacific Coast Highway. It will appear right beside you. The fine and white sand is irresistible. This is the largest beach in Malibu. Its appeal attracts hundreds of people every day to swim, play volleyball, fish, surf, or just play with castles in the sand.

Feel safe because there are lifeguards on duty on a regular basis. You can enjoy a great meal in the nearby restaurants. There is a place for every style and budget. Unlike other beaches, wintertime is a good season too. You can watch dolphins and seals playing if you observe from the top of the ridge.

enjoy your recreation at Zuma Beach and feel safe

2. Paul Getty’s Italian Villa

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Nowadays, Paul Getty’s former villa is a museum and a didactic center. The original design was kept. The luxury and appeal of the first century can almost talk to anyone who walks inside its walls.

But not just the architecture is something to admire at this villa. You can watch over 44 thousand Etruscan, Greek, and Roman objects. This is the personal collection of Paul Getty, who shares it with whoever visits his former house. A Master Degree is taking advantage of this huge collection. The UCLA named it after Getty. They study Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation.

If you are not too fond of history, then you can still enjoy the gardens. There are hundreds of roses among other flowers. This is definitely a must visit place in Malibu.

3. Spend a Day at the Westward Beach

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If what you want is a calmed beach day we have the perfect place. You can get away of the noise at the crowded Zuma Beach. At the Westward Beach you will have equally beautiful sights. It is a bit farther from where all the action is, but that is fine for those who are trying to run away from the crowds.

You can enjoy a picnic or get to The Sunset, which is the most popular restaurant in the area. From this beach you can get hiking directly to the Point Dume Natural Preserve. Spotting for seals, sea lions, and dolphins is also common.

right place to visit if you trying to away from the crowds

4. The Spanish House of Adamson

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This place is also known simply as the Adamson’s House. It has become a popular spot because you can get a close view to the way of life in Malibu almost a hundred years ago. This colonial residence was built in 1929 by the Rindge’s. The tiles of the façade with a beautiful combination of orange, yellow, green, and blue gives it a special charm.

There are guided tours in which you will get to know the history of the place. Once you are done with the Adamson’s House, go next door to the Malibu Lagoon Museum. You will get to know a piece of the history behind the Malibu shores. After the double tour, you can call it a day.

you can visit two place here, Adamson’s House and Malibu Lagoon Museum, that’s pretty close

5. Spot Grey Whales at the Point Dume State Beach

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All beaches in Malibu are beautiful, and the Point Dume State Beach is no exception. It has a distinctive sign: there is a rocky cliff that makes it different from other places. From the top you get a privileged view. If you happen to step by from late December to April, you may see gray whale groups migrating.

Even if you are not visiting Malibu during this time, there are other things to see. On a clear day you can watch Santa Monica and Malibu from there, including the Mountains and the Island of Catalina.

gray whale group migrating on December to April

6. Shop like a Star at the Malibu Country Mart

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This is a regular mall for Malibu. Of course you will find what you find in your regular mall at home, but made by exclusive designers. The place is huge. It consists in a total surface of 6 acres. There is everything: from entertainment to exclusive dinning. You can find repair shops and even shows at the gallery.

there is garden with unique sculptures, picnic location and also kid’s playgrounds 

7. Fish and Surf at the Malibu Pier

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When you are into fishing or surfing, the Malibu Pier is the right spot. Located right next to the Malibu’s Surf Rider Beach, you can get a privileged view of surfers as you sit down at the dock and fish. The sunsets are spectacular.

This particular place has registered huge waves that range around 3 hundred yards. The phenomenon occurs thanks to a 3-point natural interruption. The place is not for novices, and only pro surfers can conquer these waves. Watching them is also a popular attraction.

the waves so huge be careful, just for pro surfer that can play and conquer these waves

8. Enroll an Escapade with the Malibu Coastal Adventures

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An escapade with the Malibu Coastal Adventures is a must. You can book for a whole day (or multiple days if you can stand it). There are activities for everybody, including surfing, paddle board, fishing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, a cruise, or simply a boat tour. You don’t have to be skilled on anything. They host beginners’ groups for lessons.

9. Dine at Geoffrey’s for that Special Occasion

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Geoffrey’s is now a tradition in Malibu. It opened its doors back in 1948. You can enjoy the place where Lara Tuner, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra used to go for dinning. The place was designed by Richard Neutra. It is still popular when there is an occasion for celebration. The spectacular sights at the terrace remain.

Its famous sea food is designed by the renown Chef Bijan Shokatfard.

10. Explore the Hidden Treasures of the Leo Carrillo’s State Park

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Leo Carrillo was chosen to give name to this State Park to honor his labor as conservationist. He served during 18 years at the Beach and Parks Commission of California. The park has one and a half miles of beautiful beach, but there is more. The true beauty of Leo Carrillo’s State Park are its hidden treasures.

Its famous sea food is designed by the renown Chef Bijan Shokatfard.
There are caves, tide pools, campgrounds, and more. Come to explore and be dazzled by its beauty.

11. Enroll to your Diving Adventure at Malibu Divers

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The best place to go if you want to get involved on real diving is Malibu Divers. You can hire a course for any skill level. They even have certification programs. For newbies, the best is to go for a guided trip for diving. You will get to know what is under the water. The riffs are impressive.

Most tours are all included. You don’t have to worry about transportation, lodging or food. If you are a diving enthusiast, they also have the best equipment, diving logs, and other useful material. A must stop shop for diving lovers that visit Malibu.

12. Enjoy the Point Zero at the Nicholas Canyon Beach

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The Nicholas Canyon Beach is better known by surfers as the Point Zero. This is a must go gathering place for surfers. Like in all beaches around Malibu, you can hang out at the beach, or practice a water sport.

There are windsurfers, scuba divers, waders, swimmers, and of course, surfers. If you come in summer, you will find food trucks and other amenities. However, off the season, when the beach is less crowded, it is best if you take your own food. There are picnic tables you can use to enjoy a great time.

13. Hike at the Nicholas Flat Trail

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If you are ready for a challenge, we have the perfect proposal. Hike at the Nicholas Flat Trail. It is a little bit less than 7 miles, but it is though. There are over one and a half feet of elevations, with a very irregular path which is full of rocks.

The challenge has its rewards. You can enjoy nature. The sights of the Pacific Ocean is the ultimate prize when you get on top. If you are lucky, you may find a small pond that fills with water during certain seasons. It brings to the place a different sight. The area is prepared for camping. If you wish, you can stay there for a few days.

you can spend your time with your friends or your family here to hike and enjoy the nature

14. An Exclusive Visit to Malibu’s Vineyards

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Believe it or not, Malibu is close to the place where the best wines are made. You can be part of it with an exclusive visit arranged by a tour company called the Hidden Malibu Wine Country Tours. They have all sort of packages. You can take your couple for a romantic tour, or get a group of half a hundred people.

All is arranged with luxury, from transportation to the food for wine testing. You will never forget this experience in which you will dive deep in the wine tradition of California. There is even an option that includes horse riding.

15. Watch Birds at the Pocket Beach

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The Pocket Beach is the colloquial name of the Robert Meyer Memorial State Beach. It is actually a settlement that includes various small beaches like La Piedra, El Matador, and El Pescador. Besides the regular activities in other beaches in Malibu, this is a preferred site for watching birds.

don’t worry there are designated parking areas, as well as paths that guide visitors to each beach

16. Brunch at the Malibu Cafe

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50 years of tradition backup the Malibu Café. This is one of the oldest places in Malibu that has grown into a tradition. People simply hang out together when they are there. The country style is perfect for breakfast, and their brunch time is memorable.

The natural landscape merges with the crystal decorations. The Gerson’s where the founding family. They Calamigos Ranch is their property which they opened to anybody who wanted to have a great time. This was half a century ago. The place and the people are all renovated now. They now call themselves the “nouveau barbecue.”

17. Hike like a Boy Scout at the Circle X Ranch

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Some time ago, Circle X was reserved for boy scouts. Now this has changed and it is one of the most visited hiking points in the Malibu area. The perimeters of the ranch have the highest peak among all mountains in Santa Monica. It is called the Sandstone Peak, and this is the reason to hike in the area. The sights from the top are impressive. You can see up to Mount Baldy, and the Channel Islands.

But the Circle X is not just about hiking. It is a national recreation area. The place holds space for other activities like picnics and camping. Nature lovers will enjoy the wildlife including the plants and animals preserved in this ranch.

18. Watch the Wildlife at the Trancas and Zuma Canyons

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The Trancas and Zuma Canyons will surprise you. They have all sorts of wild life. Starting from a common rabbit, there are other less common animals like coyotes and deer. This is considered as one of the less developed areas in Malibu, meaning you can see the wildest wild life in the area.

The lack of development has to do with legal issues between the Rindge family and the government. The place was once known as Rancho Malibu, and the struggles slowed its infrastructure growth. Seen under a different perspective, this can be attractive to visitors who are looking for a true wild adventure.

You can practice biking and hiking. There are places to ride horses, and even have picnics. This is truly an adventure.

19. Camp at the Point Mugu State Park and Live everything Malibu has to offer

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When you camp at the Point Mugu State Park, you’ll get the chance to live everything Malibu has to offer. With a total area of 40 thousand acres, the possibilities are endless. For a start, there is a beautiful beach.

The Santa Monica mountains share the steep landscape. You can find sand dunes and lavish valleys.

The land is full of walking trails. They tend to zigzag. Besides the hiking opportunities, you’ll get the right waves for surfing. Of course, let’s not forget camping. There are options for tents and trailers, so that you don’t miss the chance to stay at this beautiful place.

20. Catch an Ocean Wave at the Surf Rider Beach

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The official name of the Surf Rider Beach is the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. We know it is too long to remember, but what you will not forget is the amazing waves you can catch over here. This is an excellent site for surfing, renown in California. People from all over the world visit the Malibu area just to surf at the Surf Rider Beach’s waves.

Besides surfing, you can go for fishing (saltwater), boating, snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving, and of course swimming. Near the area there is also a museum you can visit.

21. Have an Iron Chef Style Dinner

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The place to have an Iron Chef style dinner is surrounded by sophistication. There are impressive views of the ocean, combining a novo décor to enjoy the unique creations of Chef Nobo Matsuhisa. Those who are chef TV-show enthusiasts are familiar with the name. He is the Iron Chef who can give you a culinary orgasm. If you add the exclusive place, it is a unique experience.

We recommend you to book in advance (at least a couple of months) to ensure you have a seat. The place is always crowded and just showing up may leave you with an empty stomach. The place is excellent for celebrations. Iron Chef’s heavenly dishes should be reserved just for special occasions.

you have to book at least a couple of months to ensure you have a seat

22. Visit the Stone House of Malibu at the Solstice Canyon

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The Stone House of Malibu is part of the Solstice Canyon. This site has become a historical and educational shelter. The eclectic combination works. It fuses culture, history, and nature. On the nature side, there are impressive waterfalls, hike ways, and the canyon.

When it comes to culture and history, the Stone House takes the credit for the oldest stone construction you will find in Malibu. It was put together by Matthew Keller around 1865. Despite the construction survived all fires for over a century, it was severely damaged recently. During 2007, the Corral Fire almost tear it all down.

Today there are few walls standing, in memory of what was once an old stone building.

23. Take a Horse Ride at the Topanga State Park

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Riding a horse at the Topanga State Park can be a truly unique experience. There are around 36 miles of paths where you can get lost in the natural landscapes. This park is also the closest wild line to Malibu, which make it very accessible. The forest makes the ride a perfect escapade for a weekend.

Besides riding horses, you can also practice biking and hiking. Any of these activities will be rewarded with striking sights when you are on top. Let me tell you that you will need to be in good shape (unless you are riding a horse).

Once you get there, the blue Californian coastline is going to conquer your heart with an ocean that seems always calmed from such a distance.

24. Eat as if you were in Hawaii at the Duke’s Malibu

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Duke’s Malibu is now a traditional restaurant. Like most traditions in the area it has a beautiful sight to the ocean.

But there is more. The surfing practice is honored at Duke’s. Not just for the decoration, but also because of the man who gave name to the place: Duke Kahanamoku. If you are not familiar with surfing, then the name will not ring any bell.

Duke is the typical swimmer and surfer from Hawaii. He is considered the ambassador who took the sport out of the island’s perimeters.

The cocktails full of color with tiny umbrellas combined with a funky decoration is part of the appeal of the place.

This is the right spot for a formal dinner, or also for an informal gathering. You can get to the Barefoot bar, in which surfers in surfing gear are allowed.

25. Spend a Family day at the Malibu Creek State Park

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The Malibu Creek State Park can be an excellent escapade for families. It consists of natural swimming ponds and a 15-mile trail. If you are fond of movies, you will remember it for its appearance on Planet of the Apes.

26. Pass through the Famous Spots at the Mishe Mokwa Pathway

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The Mishe Mokwa Pathway is not just another place for hiking. There are many famous spots. You can enjoy the views of the Sandstone Peak, the Balancing Rock, the Inspiration Point, and the Split Rock. In only 6 miles, you will see all these attractions.

27. Look for the Water at the Escondido Falls

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Despite the Escondido Falls are 150-foot tall, you may not find much water, particularly during summertime.

The journey is worthy, as you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural sights. Therefore, it is worth trying to find the water.

Know of any best things to do in Malibu we missed? Let us know in the comments below!