11+ Best Things to Do in Sandusky Ohio for Families at Night

Things To Do in Sandusky Ohio – Sandusky, Ohio, based on the Sandusky Bay, has shoreline that covers more than twenty two miles within the city boundaries plus the beautiful parks, many historical and tourist sites. These are from water parks along with boating to museums and wilderness, which means there is much to do in Sandusky in addition to many good places to accommodate and dine.

As much as you have to do, families and couples will likewise want to make sure they have more time to complete all the fun activities. Plan forward and tag a sunscreen along with you, so you won’t miss anything.

Each year tourists travel to Sandusky for the main purpose of riding popular roller coasters, experience enriching history, or to check out the fun outdoors. Most people relate to the Cedar Point Amusement Park and Sandusky but this area also provides fun activities throughout the year.

Things To Do in Sandusky Ohio

Cedar Point

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Looking for evening activities that will be for you as well as kids? Cedar Point is your place. A total of 3 million people visit each year. The Cedar Point Amusement Park is one of the largest parks in North America and has been considered by Forbes.com as the best valued national park.

The park produced its first ever roller coaster in 1890 and has 17 coasters at present. The “Amusement Today” magazine has ranked the park at 17th, the Millennium Force, as the best steel coaster throughout the whole nation. Guests need a day at the most to check the park, but the inclusion of the evening activity is worth your time and money.

The “Starlight” tickets provide total 4 hour access for guests for visiting from 5 pm. The ticket is half the day’s admission price. These late afternoon tickets are great for those families who want to steer clear from big crowds.

Things To Do in Sandusky Ohio : Mon Ami Winery

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Mon Ami Winery is a branch of Sandusky’s finest Firelands Winery. This winery will remind you of French country estate. It is located on the island of Catawba which is in fact a peninsula around Port Clinton. However, Mon Ami provides a French restaurant as well as wine shop for the guests.

It also has scheduled wine tasting tours from its finest wine cellar. Established in 1872, it produces a range of wines whether it is red, white, or sparkling wines exploiting the French as well as Lake Erie varieties.

Mon Ami Restaurant and historic Winery is among the historic wineries throughout the region of Lake Erie islands. The winery is important because it is among the other four large mutual wineries that played a significant role in expansion of the wine industry in the region.

When on a vacation in Sandusky, Ohio, don’t forget to experiment Mon Ami Winery’s remarkable cuisine, taste their fabulous wines and take part in their glorious past days.

Sandusky State Theatre

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Established in 1928, it has been a business and provided service for eight years and more. Once it was a setting for the vaudeville acts, the theatre is restored which now hosts live pieces and the movie viewings. Sandusky State Theatre is on the list of National Registry of Historic Places and offers packages that do not cost much for meals and shows.

Guests take pleasure in meal, dessert as well as coffee ahead of the “now” live event. Variety of performances is shown from the Disney stage productions to classic films to musicals and also orchestra performances.

Things To Do in Sandusky Ohio : Goodtime Cruises

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Goodtime Cruises based on Lake Erie is home to the people of the north east regions of Ohio. It has made Sandusky home for about 25 years and more. Each day, the cruises depart and provide different kinds of special attractions as well as services.

Some people may only want to ride the cruise for Lake Erie islands while there are people who want to see and enjoy the cruise itself. The cruise is 117 ft in length and is able to carry around 355 passengers. In summertime, few cruise packages offer fun activities like fireworks and sampling wine from regional wineries.

Another great option is the Friday Night Party Cruise which has a D.J, a cash bar along with adult rooms.

The Merry-Go-Round Museum

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Merry-Go-Round Museum is open all days. It has plethora of items put on display which includes an assortment of carousels that range from handmade wooden animals to handmade bodies that has cast aluminum head, tail plus legs. In the year 2014, this museum had an honorable mention from white house for loaning out the carved and antlered carousel deer during Christmas holidays.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady is pictured alongside one of these carved sculptures inside the East Room in the famous White House. There is a rumor that some items in the museum are haunted which was originally donated and some visitors have reported paranormal activities while there.

North Coast Parasail

North Coast Parasail
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When on a vacation to Sandusky, you might want to check out the parasailing. It is allowed from the ages above 6 and you will definitely love it. The Lake Erie coast’s views are beautiful. Many travellers find parasailing adventurous as well as relaxing. For parasailing, you may walk in but you are recommended to reserve beforehand.

Lagoon Deer Park

North Coast Parasail Lagoon Deer Park
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The Lagoon Deer Park is home to all kinds of animals that are from all the world’s continents except for Antarctica. Guests may feel these animals with a hand when walking along the park and some animals may even follow you. Also, there is the latest gift shop on the location where you could purchase souvenirs, handicrafts along with collectable items.

You can have a peaceful time fishing in the lagoons which has fishes like bullheads, white bass, carp, rainbows, and channel cats. Junior angles are the best but you can book boats with flat-bottoms ones if you want to be in the water in a direct way.

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience

Things to Do in Sandusky Rusty Wallace Racing Experience
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When visiting Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, you can reserve a NASCAR racing experience on a qualifying run of three laps which is driven by the professional instructor. The cars were used to previously compete in the tournaments. Nothing beats the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience.

Enjoy swimming in cozy water on a regular basis at incredible Indoor Waterparks

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Sandusky provides 5 interior waterpark alternatives which have best swimming problems through the entire year. (Cedar Factor’s Castaway Bay, Great Wolf Lodge, Maui Sands Hotel, Rain and Kalahari Waterpark Hotel ).

Kalahari is the most important indoor waterpark inside the United States. You experience doesn’t got to quit in the waterpark. Kalahari provides Spa Treatments, interior mini golf in addition to a sort of various other activities for the entire relations.

Castaway Bay

Things to Do in Sandusky Castaway Bay
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There is more to Castaway bay than only the resort water park. Castaway Bay has a tropical theme and has more than 237 hotel rooms along with suites, an indoor water park that covers 38,000 square feet, an arcade that covers 6000 square feet, 3 restaurants, fitness centre, a child activity centre, retail shops, and a craft centre.

The water is specifically designed for family activities and is located alongside marina and offers room for events, parties and meetings.

Castaway Bay is a very popular hotel near the Cedar Point. The room and suites include private decks or balconies, latest televisions as well as free Wi-Fi. Moreover, the rooms also have mini-refrigerators, coffee makers as well microwaves.

Tre Sorelle Cioccolato

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Tre Sorelle chocolate in Sandusky is popular for chocolate. Visitors, all round the year go to Tre Sorelle to satisfy their chocolate craving. They offer the oldies, but the goodies. Jan Beck who is a co-owner boasts their vanilla, caramel and chocolate flavours.

Some of the finest varieties are chocolates blended with wine supplied by the Firelands Winery. Our favourite includes the dark chocolate truffle which is blended with the flavour of Cabernet Sauvignon. Some other delicious verities include Guinness or Bailey which are distributed during St. Patty’s Day.

For the guests with five and more in number, Tre Sorelle Cioccolato will assemble a class for you where you can create your own invention – a delicious candy bar. If you ever take the class, the fun lasts for 2 and ½ hours. The cost is around $12 to $18.

Maritime Museum of Sandusky

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Fun times often don’t last long but their memories do. Sandusky provides you with adventure along with fun time so the place is a perfect getaway from hectic lifestyle.

Boating has always played an important role in the lives of the locals around the Lake Erie. The Maritime Museum in Sandusky provides you with that opportunity for experiencing a range of different marine activities for your vacation.

Families can provide fun knowledge about the history of Maritime museum and the Bay area of Sandusky. There are activities like interactive exhibits as well as educational programs that catch the visitor’s attention along with so much to learn about the remarkable themes displayed there.

These all are a part of Sandusky’s history. For kids there is an interactive Kids Zone where they can construct their own boats, take part in matching games and play maze games. Moreover, there is a gift store too.

Sawmill Creek Resort

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From the moment you check into Sawmill Creek Resort, you will immediately feel like it’s your own home. This resort provides you with a similar feeling to that of a lodge which is comfortable as well as cozy. There are fireplaces made from stones placed in the common locations that only enhance the ambiance plus have comfortable leather sofas to sprawl unto.

This is the place where the guests gather round to keep themselves warm during the cold winter season. Visitors can also book fireplace suites.

Sawmill Creek Resort in Sandusky hosts a range of outdoor activities. Don’t forget to participate in them while you are there. While you don’t have to necessarily stay there but you can warm yourself by spending few hours by their fireplace or enjoy activities which include snowshoeing, golf, zip lines and ice skating throughout the whole year.

Also, the resort has a nice restaurant that hosts exceptional themed events as well as the private beach where guests can bask in picturesque sunset scenery of the Lake Erie.

Kalahari Waterpark

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Whether you are old or young, Kalahari Water Park offers fun. Along with an indoor water park, guest may visit the popular Safari Outdoor Adventure Park including the outdoor slides. While you are there, book a cabana, enjoy the spa, and participate in a range of daytime activities.

There are plenty of activities to participate in and visit here such as the Candy hut where you can find fine hand-dipped chocolates, salt water taffy, caramel apples, and handmade fudge among many others. Guests can order a small basket beforehand for collecting these items. It’s safe to say you won’t get bored at the Kalahari Watermark.

Maritim Museum Sandusky

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Visiting Follett House Museum doesn’t cost a penny. The museum tells the story of the past days of Sandusky and Erie country by presenting an assortment of historic artefacts. Visitors can observe the Sandusky’s beautiful panoramic views from the widow’s walk along with insights of significant history points that includes the Battle of Lake Erie in addition to Johnson’s Island Prison.

The museum features four floors and each floor displays exhibits which tell the story of the Sandusky’s past days. When you are there, you will be transported to the early times when there were domestic life, business and the industry and the evolution of tourism.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

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Sandusky has got a plethora of sightseeing locations so you might want to schedule some of your time for them. Those top attractions include such as Sheldon Marsh State Natural preserve. Before you go there, don’t forget to read the Preserve’s guide book by Expedia.

It will help you a lot when you get there which is filled with everything you should know about the best parts of the Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve. Moreover, the preserve has hiking trails so you might want to take a trip with your family or friends in the wilderness.

It offers incredible sceneries throughout the entire year whether the season is cold or warm. The trail is surrounded by forests, barrier beach, swamps and marshlands. You can check their bird checklists and brochures for more information. The wilderness is seriously gorgeous there.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve along with contiguous wetlands offers few of the raw shorelines stretches within the regional Bay area.