What Are The Trending Color For Bedroom

A bedroom is one’s personal space for rest, relaxation, and privacy. When you think of a bedroom, your mind pictures a place where all the stress of the days’ work is put to bear, and you get to sleep it off. The location of a bedroom or the type does not diminish its function. 

Be it a master bedroom or a bedroom in a suite, it has the same function—relaxation. The color of the walls of a room help to achieve this function. Having the right color in a bedroom helps the body to relax. 

Since the bedroom is a place of relaxation and intimacy, it is best to have a color that provides this function as the background/wall colors. Here are the trending shades to use in your bedroom.

Gray and White

In setting the right atmosphere, you should take note of what you desire in your bedroom, as this is what determines the colors.

Do you desire calmness and coziness? Then you should go with gray and white hues in your bedroom. 

Gray-themed bedrooms work for both women and men. A gray-colored room, however, appeals to the senses of both men and women.

Gray is a neutral color; hence it is soothing; if you are looking to relax after a long stressful day, a gray bedroom sets your mind at peace.

Pale or Neutral Colors


If you love the simplicity and clean spaces, then pale shades are best for your bedroom. For example, you can go for baby pink, cream, beige, pale yellow, and light green colors. This will create a calm and attractive interior. 

Further, to add more interest to your bedroom, you can hang pale-colored wall prints. Like you can go for a beautiful yellow colored painting of sunflower to add to increase the beauty of your space. Sunflower wall painting will take your bedroom to next level. 

Blue For Beachy Look

If you love beaches, then you can update your bedroom with the same vibes. The blue color looks great in low lighting and even greater with the right amount of light in the bedroom.

Another advantage of blue bedroom décor is the flexibility of the color. Blue goes with so many wall colors and also with many furniture shades. 

Also, blue is in trend these days that looks great in the bedroom. You can add blue color on walls or can use blue-colored drapes in your room. Also, the blue goes well with white walls. 

Green For a Cozy Space


The color green is a perfect shade for the bedroom. It shows flexibility and gender friendliness, and it also helps to provide the right atmosphere for comfort and relaxation.

You can choose the light shades of green for the walls or can paint the feature walls dark green. In addition to paint, you can add a gree textured wallpaper on a feature wall. 

Final Words

Painting your bedroom not only helps to beautify the space, but it also speaks of your personality. Painting a bedroom provides an atmosphere and sets you—and your loved ones, in the mood for lovely mornings and beautiful, restful nights.