Everything You Need to Know About All Types of Cabinet Glass

Cabinets are the most amazing storage partners when you are short of space in your home. Have you ever wondered if cabinets can be interesting and good-looking? Try out different glass options and unveil the magic.

If you are not a cleanliness freak and want cabinets, the less transparent glass types will be a practical solution for you.

Let’s see the different types of glass storage cabinet, so you can choose which one works best for you.

1. Sumiglass: Used to hide items inside cabinets with unique design


Sumiglass is the perfect choice for cabinet glass if you are looking for an artistic option. There are different designs that you can choose and give an elegant look to your interior space.

Features and Specifications

  • It is made of several layers of different materials that give it a decorative look
  • The layers are attached using advanced technology that ensures a long-lasting life and a permanent bond between each pane. 
  • The decorative effect makes sure that the things inside the cabinets are invisible.


  • Sumiglass doesn’t reflect light.
  • It is difficult to see stuff inside the cabinet. So, you can stay in peace if you have a cluttered cabinet.
  • Fingerprints, dirt, and scratches aren’t visible because of the design on the glass.


  • It is costly.

Where you can use SumiGlass?

Sumiglass has a creative appearance and looks good if used in living room cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or the bedroom.

It is a safe option as it doesn’t reflect light and keeps things hidden inside the cabinet. Moreover, the unique design and different colors can turn the boring cabinet into a creative space.

2. V-grooving Glass: Beautifully designed patterns in frosted glass

V-grooving glass has engraved designs that add rich texture and enhances the look of cabinets. It has endless options when it comes to the designs, shapes, colors, and variations of this glass type. So, if you want a creative touch with intricate designing, V-groove glass is the best option.

Features and Specifications

  • V-groove glass is crafted by using special engraving techniques.
  • It offers exceptional beauty and elegance because of the symmetrical design.


  • Gives a unique touch to the cabinets and doors, wherever it is used.
  • The engraved design looks amazing and shows your creative side.
  • It impairs the view so it is a nice choice for rooms that need privacy.


  • They require frequent maintenance, which isn’t possible for many homeowners.
  • It might break in a short time because of the reduced thickness in the engraved part.

Where you can use V-groove Glass?

The V-groove glass looks amazing on door panels and cabinets It can also be used in offices to create a visually appealing entrance door. You can also add this to workout rooms to make them more fun and exciting.

Other than this, you can get shower doors with this glass type. So, if you want enhanced detailing and design in your home, add v-groove glass and see the difference.

3. Leaded Glass: It adds modern as well as vintage charm of crystal glass


Leaded glass is nothing new; it dates back to the British era and has been used in interior design since then. If you want to create a modern yet traditional touch to the cabinets, leaded glass is the thing for you. Adding lights in the cabinets can give it a dramatic effect and the glass looks amazing.

Features and Specifications

  • This glass type offers a modern as well as vintage charm to the cabinets.
  • Leaded glass is made up of many small pieces of glasses that join to give it a unique look.
  • It is also known as crystal glass.
  • As the name suggests, it has a high content of lead that offers a nice tint to the glass.


  • Gives an enhanced look to the cabinet.
  • The opaque glass is an excellent idea for kitchen cabinets, as you do not have to worry about any messes behind the glass.


  • None

Where you can use Leaded Glass?

It can be used in bathroom windows if you want to add privacy. Moreover, it brings the perfect sunlight making it an amazing option for bedrooms as well. Other than this, you can install leaded glass in wet bars.

You can also add leaded glass in doorways and foyers as it adds an elegant and classy touch to the place. Finally, it is mostly used in cabinets all around the house. So, you can give it a try and add some creativity to your interior.

4. Textured Glass: Widely used in kitchen with different textured patterns

The textured glass comes in a wide variety of designs and styles that range from traditional to modern. No matter what choice you have, you will fall for this glass type if you are planning to renovate your cabinets or home interior.

Features and Specifications

  • Textured glass is embossed with different patterns like floral, pebbled, ribbed, and wavy, which is the reason for its name.
  • It has limited transparency because of the design, but this depends on the texture.
  • The textured look adds interest and offers a modern touch to the cabinet.


  • Unlike other glass types, textured glass cabinets offer a spacious look to any room.
  • It gives an aesthetic appearance to the cabinets.
  • If you don’t want to keep your kitchen utensils or other stuff for display, this glass type is the best option for you.


  • None

Where you can use Textured Glass?

Textured glass has a flexible nature and you can use it almost everywhere in the house to create an eye appeal. It can be used as room dividers and for doors. Thanks to the textured appearance, it gives added privacy to the user.

You can also use textured glass for windows and cabinets. They look best when used in kitchen cabinets and complement all types of kitchen settings.  

Wrap up

To sum it up, glass cabinets offer a functional and aesthetic value to any room. Whether you place them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or work area, they blend well with all types of interiors.

However, if you want to add a touch of elegance and play with textures, there are different glass types that you can add in the cabinets. We have discussed the most popular ones in detail so it will be easier to choose now.