Types Of Wall Hugger Recliners And How They Operate

Wall hugger recliners come in different sizes and shapes. You will find one in almost every modern home today. 

Additionally, wall huggers are more affordable when compared to other models. This means you get to enjoy all the amenities found in a more expensive model without breaking a bank. 

A wall hugger recliner is designed to provide immense comfort and support than that a normal sofa. In this article, we will talk about some of the most common designs available and their function. 

Two set wall hugger recliners

These types of recliners are extremely comfortable and the ideal option for persons with a little more space in their homes. You would also love it for its convenience and ease of operation. 

People with health issues can benefit a lot from this chair as it features plenty of cushioning for additional support. 

As with any other recliner, the two-set wall hugger can be fully reclined with only a little space from the wall. As soon as you pull the lever, one section of the chair moves forward without touching the wall.

Zero wall recliner

This particular model is designed for extremely tiny spaces. Just like any other wall-away model, they are made with high-quality material and are both stable and durable. 

All you need is to choose a fabric color and style that matches your home décor and you will have it around for many years. The cushions are usually filled with resiliency foam to provide robust endurance and extra support for your lumbar. 

As the name suggests, a zero-wall recliner takes up the least space when fully reclined. People with mobility challenges like the elderly and those with disabilities find this model extremely convenient. Read more here https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-choose-recliners-1391204 

Hugger recliner chair

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern design, you would want this particular chair. The hugger recliner chair comes with amazing features for extra comfort and convenience. 

It is also very versatile and durable. In fact, you can convert it into a traditional sofa if you place it side by side. 

The model usually comes in multiple colors to choose from and has a uniquely shaped armrest for extra support. Lastly, as with all other wall recliners, this model requires minimal floor space.

Remote controlled wall hugger recliner

This model comes in handy if you intend to watch television for a while or unwind after a long day at work. 

They make a perfect setting for a home theatre room. Sometimes we are too lazy to pull a lever and all we want is a chair that’s easier to operate. This particular type often comes with remote control and you only need to press a power button to make your chair recline. 

Some models even feature an additional lifting mechanism for your convenience. Plus, they are made of high-quality material.

Wall hugging recliner chair

These models are made of durable materials that require minimal maintenance. The fact that they are easy to clean means they would make a perfect choice for those with pets or kids at home. 

Moreover, this style of recliner only requires about half-foot of space from the wall, so you can enjoy its benefit without damaging your wall or scrapping up your paint. 

How does a wall hugger recliner work?

Now that you know the various types of wall hugger recliners, let’s look at how they operate.

  • Electric (or power) wall huggers

All the electrical functions of this model are powered by a single motor. Typically, both the footrest and the backrest are controlled by a single set of buttons.

Similarly, this model features a large variety of positions for optimal comfort. However, I must be attached to a power source. 

  • Manual wall huggers

These models do not require any power source. All you need is to pull the lever and the footrest moves outward.

Manual wall huggers have fewer locking positions and this makes them less expensive than the powered ones. Plus, you can still use it even when there is a blackout. Click here to read more.


A good wall hugger recline can enhance your quality of life and improve the style of your home. Look for a reputable company that can provide you with high-quality and durable items that fit your lifestyle.

Only a professional will take time to take you through the different types of wall hugger recliners available. still, it is important to do your research and learn what other people are saying about this model. Lastly, it is crucial to measure both the size of your room and that of your body to ensure what you purchase fits well.