5 Top Places To Visit In England

VISIT ENGLAND – England is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and there’s always more going on than any one traveler could possibly see. One visit is never enough to even begin to experience what England has to offer, but here are the top 5 places to visit when you go.


For all the hype about London being an expensive destination and it is, from the food to the lodgings many of the best-known attractions are actually free. The British Museum, for example, features literally millions of exhibits from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The British Library has original manuscripts of famous texts on display. Buckingham Palace (as well as every other Royal Palace) is famous for its Changing Of The Guard; if you find it too crowded, there’s a smaller ceremony to see at St. James Palace.

With the money you saved on museums, take a ride on the London Eye for a great view of the city, or get Premier tickets and see a Chelsea match for an unforgettable experience.

The Lake District

Englands Lake District is a picturesque area in England’s northwest, mountainous area. Here you’ll see some the longest and deepest lakes as well as the highest mountains in England. (Admittedly, they aren’t very high.) Its an excellent place to reconnect with nature and camp out under the stars. If you like the outdoors, you can ride zip wires or go kayaking through the lakes. Alternately you can explore the nature reserves as well as the historic homes in the area for a more leisurely pace: you’ll find unique museums featuring Roman military altars, railways, and steamboats. During the summertime you’ll also be able to enjoy creative arts festivals and summer theater performances.


Oxford is most famous for Oxford University, one of the leading educational institutions worldwide. If your interest is architecture, Oxford is like visiting a city-wide architectural museum, with buildings that date back to when the Saxons arrived.

Start your treasure hunt by taking a university tour; many of the 11th century buildings are quite open to visitors. The University also has the UKs oldest botanical garden (upwards of 7,000 species of plants in rock gardens, water gardens, and greenhouses) as well as Science Oxford Live, which helps explain the way science fits into daily life.


Brighton is most famous for the Victorian Pier, a festive destination which will keep you entertained with arcade halls, fairgrounds, bars, and restaurants. Afterwards, you can download a fee podcast and take yourself on a walking tour, including past the Royal Pavilion an opulent seaside palace built by a Prince Regent. In the warmer parts of the year, you can nibble on spiced gingerbread while sitting on a balcony over the restored gardens from the Regency era.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are the heart of England. A visit to the Cotswolds means seeing ancient stone villages and rolling hills as they rise over the beautiful countryside. When you see the lush meadows and hear the babbling brooks, youll quickly understand why the whole area has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From the Malvern Hills to Bath, the landscape has inspired composers and novelists. To get a panoramic view, visit the Broadway Tower.