How To Choose Wallpaper For Your Living Room

Choosing wall art decor for your living room is serious business; after all, your family will spend a great deal of time there as will any guests you host. You want to create a space that’s comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Fortunately, wallpaper is an easy way to do just that. Of course, there are a variety of options out there, which means you’ll need to put some thought into your choice. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect wallpaper for your living room.

Figure Out How Much Wallpaper You Need

When you buy wallpaper, you’re paying by the square foot. To figure out how much you need (and give you an idea of your budget), you’ll need to measure the area you want to cover.

In addition to the calculated amount, you should get one more roll. This will act as a back-up if you’ve miscalculated or have difficulty with application and need a little extra to try again.

Consider Backing Paper

There are two types of backing: non-woven and woven. Non-woven expands when wet, which makes it more difficult to remove.

If you anticipate stripping the walls in the future, you should go with a woven backing.

Think About Texture


Unlike paint, wallpaper offers textured options that can enhance your room’s design. Textured wallpapers are a great choice if you want to do an entire room, as a solid color with patterned texture creates an interesting visual without becoming overwhelming.

Additionally, textured wallpaper is a great option if your walls have minor imperfections that flat wallpaper would draw attention to.

Avoid Small Patterns

Patterns are popular, as they’re interesting to look at. You can even use patterned wallpaper to create a color scheme. However, you need to be careful when selecting patterns, as the smaller they are, the more difficult the wallpaper will be to apply.

Small patterns are difficult to match during application, especially if it’s your first attempt. Mismatched patterns can create a messy effect, so it’s best to stick with larger patterns when looking for geometric or floral wallpaper for walls.

Plan the Wallpaper’s Use

What is the purpose of this wallpaper? Do you intend to work with a chair rail, make an accent wall or cover the whole room? There are a variety of ways to use wallpaper, but not all wallpaper works for each way.

If the room in question has a chair rail, you can try out some of the more dramatic patterns to add a touch of flair. Accent walls can similarly be decorated with bold prints and colors.

However, busy patterns may be overwhelming if you use them on all four walls, so you’ll want to go with something more subdued if you’re papering the whole room.

Wallpaper is an easy way to transform a room, which is why so many people choose it over paint. You can create a variety of looks depending on the color, texture and pattern.

From navy blue wallpaper for a deep, relaxing atmosphere or pink floral patterns for a bright, spring-like effect, there’s something for everyone.