A Weekend in Paris: What to Do, What to See

Paris is a dream vacation spot. The city of romance calls the name of many lovers and admirers of art, culture and cuisine.

Thanks to affordable, direct flights, Paris doesn’t have to be just a dream. In fact, you can hop on a flight and enjoy a weekend in Paris.

Take a look at what to do and what to see in your short Parisian adventure.

Getting there

Direct flights are easily available: you can take round-trip flights from New York to Paris for affordable rates. Air France also has direct flights from Washington to Paris, as well as flights from numerous US-based cities, some of which are direct while others require connections.

The Eiffel Tower

As the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a must for any trip to the region. As one of the most recognizable monuments in the world, it’s also the most popular tourist attraction, so be prepared for lines if you plan to go up.

If you prefer to avoid the lines, the park in front offers a great photo opportunity with the Eiffel Tower set in the background.

eiffel tower
source : www.pexels.com

A Tour of Seine River

Numerous tours of the Seine River are available to tourists – all of different durations and intentions. You can take a longer cruise that includes a meal or if your schedule is limited on time, take a 1-hour boat tour that includes a tour guide.

These 1-hour rides are very informative and show you different points of Paris along the riverside and their influence on Parisian and French history.

The Parisian Cuisine

No trip to Paris is complete without a sit-in at the classic Paris cafes that outline the streets of the city. From bouef bourguignon to escargots, these cafes and restaurants offer exquisite food.

Paris is known for its delicious breads and cheeses, which together make for a fine combination of tastes. Bakeries and cafes also offer the famously fresh croissants.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with Parisian sweet shoppes: the macaroons are a staple of French sweets, but the chocolate and cakes are also worthy of the title.

The Parisian Cuisine
source : www.pexels.com

Parisian Museums

Paris is host to some of the largest, most extensive and beautiful museums in the world. Art museums like the Louvre are impressive both inside and out, and include famous pieces of art like the Mona Lisa.

There are dozens of museums in the city centered on art, history, science and culture, so options for the weekend are endless.